Gleecap - Oops! I Watched Glee Again

So last night was the big Britney Spears episode and while there was some good points (Brittany's tossed-off one-liners, Santana's singing voice, the lack of Will rapping, the beauty of John Stamos), there were a lot of things that, like Britney Spears' initials, were some B.S.

1. Ending every episode with Artie looking longingly at Tina is going to get really old. We'll give the show credit that it was less creepy than his staring at Tina and Mike "What I Lack in Speaking Lines I More Than Make Up in Muscle Definition" Chang while Rachel sang "What I Did For Love" last week. But seriously, find a new way to pull at our alleged heartstrings.

2. Will is probably one of the dumbest people to ever get a teacher's certification. We always found Will to be annoying. We're owning that. But jumping up on the stage with your students during a sexually-charged performance of "Toxic" just seems like a Dateline episode in the making.

3. Rachel has gone from neurotic and self-centered to psychotic in the span of two episodes. First Rachel sends a girl to a crackhouse last week and now she's telling Finn she wants to be the only thing that makes him feel good. Apparently when Lea Michele dropped all that weight over the summer as part of a "new healthy lifestyle" (SIDE EYE), they decided to drop some of Rachel's human qualities.

4. Heather Morris as Brittany is one of the greatest things to ever happen to this show. Seriously.

5. Britney Spears almost has removed all traces of the crazy from her eyes. It's good to see she's pretty much back to normal, and we're like 90 percent sure she's not faking. We sat through Crossroads once. We know her acting capabilities.

Bonus, the Gleeks singing "Toxic"

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