The Majak Mixtape - Mix, You Betta Work

Happy Labor Day from the Majak Kingdom. In honor of today's holiday, we celebrate with a short and sweet mixtape for the working man and woman simply titled, "Mix, You Betta Work." We hope all of you enjoy the plethora of beers, brats, and amazing TV marathons that populate this Monday. Semi-Homemade marathon on Food Network, I'm looking at you!

First up, British band Hard-Fi and their tune "Cash Machine" from their first album Stars of CCTV

The heavily accented group details their lives of working hard, all to pay homage to the all mighty "Cash Machine." We personally love any song that gleefully makes references to "There's a hole in my pocket dear Liza" without the slightest trace of a hipster sneer.

Next up, fellow British outfit The Ordinary Boys and their song detailing the woes of being a popular band in their tune "Nine2five" with Midget Spice Lady Sovereign.

We love The Ordinary Boys for a variety of reasons and not just because the lead singer bares a passing resemblance to Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick. While Hard-Fi are talking about it being difficult scrounging some money together, The Ordinary Boys are sarcastically talking about the trials and tribulations of being a successful British band while Lady Sovereign makes references to British celebs like Katie Price while unashamedly rocking a side ponytail.

Lastly, we go back a few years for The Pretenders and their tune "Back on the Chain Gang."

Written in the wake of the drug overdoses of two band members, the Pretenders classic tune about having to get onto one's life can have a deep meaning about grief, loss, and moving on. BUT since we are shallow mofos here, we're just going to pretend she wrote it about having to go back to work the Tuesday after a long weekend.

All we can say to the upcoming work week is:

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