The Majak Mixtape - Exile From Social Network Mix

Oh Facebook, such a double-edged sword you are. One the one side, you are a great tool to use to communicate with people with. There are a whole host of people I would never get to talk to regularly if I didn't have this little invention at my fingers. Plus, Bejeweled Blitz is probably one of the greatest things to ever happen. Ever.

On the negative side, every little personal drama, every hurt, every tiny joy, every little moment seems to get magnified in the kooky funhouse mirror that is Facebook. It is a rare thing when things aren't blown out of proportion on Facebook.

So with metaphorical suitcases in hand, I decided to take a much needed 48 hour vacation from the land of Facebook. Being alone in the house with the cellphone turned off with nary a "friend request" or oblique status message to decipher, no photos to tag, no relationships to see fall apart/come together in my newsfeed was almost like being at a spa, a spa that had Super Nintendo, French Silk pie, and a weekend long marathon of every Scooby Doo episode.

But like all good vacations, my little adventure away has to end because it's hard to shameless promote oneself without ~le Facebook~ but here at the Mixtape, I crafted a little mix in honor of my fleeting exit from Facebookland.

First up, Lily Allen's tune "Everyone's At It" from her album It's Not Me, It's You

Though written about the wide spread problem of drug use, recreational or prescribed, we here at the Mixtape like to think we can also use this song as the theme song of Facebook since it seems as though everybody is on Facebook. And if they aren't on Facebook, they are on Twitter. And if they are still on MySpace, well, that's just tragic.

Anywho, it seems as though the whole planet is on some social network cite, updating their Tumblr, tagging photos, living their life in total transparency while complaining about Facebook's privacy policies. They used to say that love was the drug, but it seems like updating really is the thing that people like mainlining into their veins.

It can be an addiction of sorts.

And sometimes detailing about all your highs and lows, in heavy detail for all to see, it isn't the smartest idea and just makes you look like a:

Leaving Facebook, even temporarily, feels like breaking up some longstanding relationship with some Zooey Deschanel-style Manic Fairy Pixie Girlfriend whose fun yet flighty nature is attractive and exasperating.
Up next, Rilo Kiley's "Breakin Up" from their album Under the Blacklight

And as lead singer Jenny Lewis, of stealing-Rose-Nylund's-teddy-bear-fame, sings, "Oooh yeah, it feels good to be free." 

Next up is Sia and her tune "Electric Bird"

Having flown the Facebook coop, we chose the song off of this album, Some People Have Real Problems, because seriously, people do and stepping away from Facebook does give you some perspective that a place that has newsfeeds crowded with birth, death and illness updates along with "What should I eat/I'm bored" statuses can warp your perspective a little bit if you let it.

Lastly, Kate Nash's tune "Merry Happy"
Sitting at the park, eating a ham and cheese sandwich with a Diet Coke and a Kwik Trip cookie as dessert, I felt oddly content. So I dropped my napkin in the trash, took a bite of my cookie and decided to come home from vacation because there are friends to poke, viral videos to watch, statuses to update, and blogs to be linked to.

May the Facebook be with you.

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