The Majak Mixtape - Girl Power! (One Hit Wonder Mix)

Hey there y'all, we're back at it with another edition with our Girl Power! mixtapes, highlighting various women of pop music. First we put on our best Cockney accent on and crossed the pond to highlight some girl groups of Cool Britannia. Today's edition we focus on some women who made like a lightweight at bar; they had their one shot and then were down for the count. We love a good one hit wonder because their hit usually hits ridiculously high amounts of pop perfection that no mere mortal could hope to duplicate. So let's get this mixtape started!

We start off with a bit of early 1990s quiet storm perfection in the form of Oleta Adams one big true hit "Get Here"

Oleta left no mode of transportation--railway, trailway, airplane, YOUR MIND--off her list in her big slow jam hit. Her tone is like a mix of a loud Anita Baker and a tranquilized Jennifer Holiday, a combination that made this song a huge hit for the soul singer in 1991. We still love the tune but we take issue at the lazy rhyme scheme of "You can reach me in a caravan/Like an Arab man." All these trips back and forth and nobody lucked into sitting next to a wordsmith? How unfortunate.

From questionable rhymes to quirky spoken word, we bring you the still amazing named Imani Coppola and her 1997 hit tune, "Legend of a Cowgirl"
Stream-of-consciousness set to a sample of Donovan's "Sunshine Superman," we lived for this song our freshmen year of high school when we first saw it on what-the-hell-ever-happened-to-her Ananda Lewis' MTV show 12 Angry Viewers, back when MTV actually felt guilt pangs for not playing music videos. Quirky within an inch of its life, it's the kind of song from the outset that dooms the artist to one hit wonderdom because what do you do as a follow-up.

Well in Imani's case, you form a two person outfit call Little Jackie and score another minor hit with "The World Should Revolve Around Me" aka the theme song of former Flava of Love contestant New York's umpteenth spin-off New York Goes to Hollywood.

Lastly, we have Lilith Fair-tastic Shawn Colvin and her 1997 hit tune "Sunny Came Home"

Poor Shawn Colvin. It's pretty much the luck of the draw that you ended up a one hit wonder and Sarah MacLachlan gets to have the amazing career of singing over images of dead animals. And I mean, even lame-ass Paula Cole at least pulled out two hits with 'Where Have All the Cowboys Gone' and "I Don't Want To Wait." And if that wasn't the biggest indignity, you got interrupted by ODB while accepting your Song of the Year award at the Grammys:

The last time I saw Shawn Colvin on TV, she was the music guest on Emeril Live. I felt good that she was at least being fed.

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