Guilty Pleasure: The Wonderful World of Tila Tequila

How do I love Tila Tequila, let me blog the ways. Tila Tequila is the kind of fame to which a surprisingly large number of people achieve, which namely is "internet famous." It's not real fame but like a real fame substitute. Think of it as the Splenda of cultural relevance. Armed with little more than a perky chest and a MySpace account and thankfully completely without the burden of such things like pride, dignity or self-respect, Tila Tequila blazed her way across the internet without any real talent other than to become famous out of sheer will.

Then came the obligatory reality show where Tila Tequila ostesnibly looked for love and somehow managed to not be the most distasteful dating show to hit the airways (I'm looking at you More To Love) which was probably much to the dismay of its hostess.

After her show, Tila went, to use the textbook clinical term, "batshit crazy" and has remained so for the past year or so.

And what better outlet for somebody who at best is suffering from a crippling case of narcissism? A blog, naturally.

Miss Tila Tequila has launched her own gossip blog where, among other things, she continues to defend Chris Brown, a move that even the Forever singer/pop singer back of limo pimp slapper who somehow was convinced to sing the National Anthem at a boxing tournament would consider dumb.

God bless Tila Tequila. Because of you, somewhere Lindsay Lohan is feeling less of a mess in comparison.

Below watch that human Bratz doll Tila Tequila announce her new blog and win her on-going fight against natural hair color, proper breast augmentation and cue card literacy.

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