The Majak Mixtape - M.I.A.'s new video for XXXO

Here is that truffle-fries loving M.I.A.'s new music video that's Blingee-tastic. Devoid of the ginger genocide of Born Free, the video for XXXO is a relatively cool and calm affair for the shade throwing superstar now more known for being bitchy in interviews than her music due to the inevitable post-main stream success backlash. Looking disturbingly like Prince protege Apollonia at points, M.I.A. lounges throughout the magical world of low-rent Internet decorations that only a 15 year-old MySpace user could un-ironically love.

It's hard at this point to put a gulf between M.I.A's current persona and her current music since they seem to be having a lot of the same issues. The politics, like the sounds on her album, are sometimes murky, sometimes overbearing and sometimes without a clear sense of direction. But, just like M.I.A. herself, when the album works and is firing on all cylinders, it works brilliantly well and highlights why M.I.A. became such a part of the music scene to begin with. Because as she said, no one on the corner got swagga like her.

Bonus video:

And the original Jimmy:

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