The Majak Mixtape - What a Mixtape Wants

Oh Amanda Bynes, where do we even start with you? You had such a promising start to your career, prior those recessive chipmunk genes took over your cheeks. If Saturday Night Live was the Muppets, All That was essentially SNL's Muppet Babies counterpart, Bynes carved out a niche playing hyperactive characters like her advice giving alter ego Ask Ashley (Thaaaaaaaat's me). After her stint working the little league that was Snick, Bynes moved onto relatively bigger waters to the now gloriously defunct WB with her show What I Like About You, a show that could have only existed on network television in the early 2000s. In the midst of starring on that show, Bynes starred in a series of fluffy rom-com teen girl flicks.

You may ask me why I'm going into such detail about Bynes' background, but it's chiefly because I had totally forgotten she had been viable star at one point in her career. Now, Bynes is now mainly a Twitter-based celebrity that's it's hard to remember she wasn't just Internet famous at one point.

And Bynes' Twitter is one of the greatest things ever created this side of key lime pie and bit-torrents. Endearingly dense, Bynes has never met a subject she didn't think was too inconsequential to twitter about as well as a fitting place to retire and then "unretire" from her acting career when she suddenly remembered she has the upcoming flick Easy A to promote.

A video of New Yorkers reading Amanda Bynes' Twitter:
@chicky and the city from Mondock Entertainment on Vimeo.

So here is a mixtape that you can shake your "hair cape" (Trademark Amanda Bynes) to that honors her in all her crazy girl glory.

First up, one of Amanda's favorite rappers Drake and his new video for his single "Miss Me":

Amanda loves herself some Drake and her numerous and frequently embarrassing tweets often indicated so we figured we'd let home girl know about his new single/video. We're sure somewhere Amanda has briefly paused reading her script for the inevitable straight-to-dvd sequel of She's The Man to watch it.

Next up is yet another rapper that Amanda Bynes loves/tweets about, the blipster himself Kid Cudi

If you're sensing an emerging theme, you're absolutely right. Amanda Bynes has more street cred than all of us.

Lastly, we have Christina Aguilera's "What a Girl Wants"

Oh Christina Aguilera.This was back when you were being groomed as some sort of Whitney/Mariah hyrid and was when you just suspected you of being a raving bitch instead of you so gleefully proving by pretty much throwing shade at every artist out there while going through that deeply unfortunate "ghetto accent" phase that culminated in a surprisingly strong album and then you made that whole U-Turn briefly when you first donned your Hollywood starlet glow and pretended this was the 1940s. Now you're like some half robot/Burlesque dancer thing or some shit. We don't know. We don't really keep up with your career at this point. All we can say is to you is that currently:

Look at that, another person from the early 2000s who has seen better days.

And to Amanda Bynes:

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