The Majak Mixtape - This Mixtape Would Like to Thank God, His Mama and His Agent

Oh the Emmys, how we love when celebrities gather together to congratulate themselves with Jimmy Fallon, who inexplicably still has some sort of career much to our collective bemusement/confusion, as the gleeful ringleader. There was a slew of highlights including the fact that Modern Family managed to trump overhyped Glee for best comedy and Mad Men was able to keep the fangs of True Blood out of their well-tailored suits and pulled another drama triumph. So while we still figure out why Temple Gradin needed to come to the Emmys dressed as a cowgirl, we salute the winners and console the losers in our Emmys-tastic mixtape for the day.

First up, the theme song of Mad Men, "A Beautiful Mine" by RJD2

Of course the ultra glamorous AMC drama which makes racism, adultery, sexism, and alcoholism sexy on a weekly basis would have one of the best theme songs on TV. It also helps that it's one of the few shows with a proper theme song.

Bonus video, Sesame Street parody of Mad Men

Next up is "A Mighty Wind" from the Christopher Guest film of the same name

We love Jane Lynch in pretty much everything, basically because she plays the same character and somehow doesn't make it annoying (gives massive side eye down to the Michael Cera and Jennifer Aniston posts). So what better way to honor the woman who ALMOST made us like a full episode of Glee than to play one of the funniest songs from the Christopher Guest film A Mighty Wind. Long before she was a Gleek by association, Jane Lynch was keeping us in stitches in the famously improvised Guest films. We hope that the Glee paychecks while allow Lynch to bribe Guest to make a film about Food Network competitions. You know that would be hilarious just for Jennifer Coolidge as Sandra Lee.

Lastly, we have for the people who lost:

If you weren't rich, famous, both probably undeservedly so, we'd feel bad for you. But since you are, we just laugh at your pain in the way you wince and then smile when you have to pretend that douchebag from another network won.

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