The Majak Mixtape - My So Called Mixtape

Ugh, it's the Monday after the end of Oktoberfest, which is probably one of the most depressing Mondays known to man or woman. So as you sit in your office or cubicle, we're sure you're thinking back to an infinitely less complicated period of time when being adult seem like the greatest thing ever and your then current life, shuffling back and forth between classes with your Trapper Keeper, was filled with all this DRAMA and ANGST. It's not that we're saying we'd want to repeat middle school/high school, since we're pretty sure both of those things are different circles of hell in Dante's Inferno. But as we get back to the daily work day grind, we'd like to flashback to some of our favorite cheesy pop from that period of life as well as highlighting some of our favorite shows from that period.

First up, we have Jennifer Paige and her one hit, "Crush."

This song just reeks of 1990s, Z-93 radio hit, that period time where seemingly every fresh faced pop singer was shown at some point on a swing and every guy looked like they were pulled from a casting of Making the Band. We love the song because Jennifer Paige has that sort of melancholy tone to her voice that as a junior high person we could relate to as we scribbled feverishly into our composition books while listening to the Z-93 Top Five at 8.

Next up is Next and their tune "Real Close"

Our fond memories of this song are directly linked when we decided to take summer gym class and being forced to go to High Rollers. The small cluster of us who lived and died by the Daria snark sat at a roundtable while this song played while the gym teacher continued to periodically skated around us and in a perky tone to tell us we had to make a few loops around the rink.

"If he falls and breaks his neck, I'll never stop laughing," said one of the girls as we watched our gym teacher haphazardly fling himself around the rink with that goofy grin that comes from being too early into your teaching career and not have had your optimism completely beaten out of you by adolescents.

"This song sucks," groused another one.

"I like it," I said, humming along.

"Why?" she asked, in a tone that was less question and more barbed accuastion as adjusted her self-important flannel shirt.

"You know what, I'm going to go skate now," I said, wobbly standing up on my skates. "And guess what? KURT COBIAN'S DEAD. YOU LOST. GET OVER IT."

Lastly we have Hanson and their song "Weird"

Justin Bieber who? Jonas Brothers what? Those douchenozzles need to fall back and make way for the greatness of Hanson. "Mmmbop" may have been their big audio crack but "Weird" will always be our favorite.

They even get their Inception on with the room sequence.

Bonus, Hanson brilliantly covering Christina Aguilera's "Dirty"

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