The Majak Mixtape - Summer Sounds

Oh, how it's been a long time since this thing has been updated so let us not waste time, right? Of course not.

So we are now officially in the midst of summer which means a flood of summer tunes all battling for our attention to be thing to be played at every club, every party, and probably every intervention.

And while Top 40 radio has fully embraced pap like Boom Boom Pow by Fergie and Back-Up Peas, Flo Rida and basically anything that has the sheen of Stephen Hawkins-esque autotune because nothing says street like sounding like Cher.

Here are a few tunes that might not be played on the radio but would be perfectly fantastic on any summer time iTunes playlist.

1. Little Boots, "New in Town" -- Blog darling Little Boots caught a lot of flack from the hipsterazzi for going so "mainstream" with this, her first single. But summer tunes instrinsically have no real artistic merit so if you play this at a party and the requiste skinny jeaned poseur rolls his eyes at this song choice, just hit him in the face with a copy of Catcher in the Rye so obviously bouncing about his messenger bag.

2. Are you ready to party like it's 1967? Well then The Noisettes' Never Forget You is the perfect song for you. It's bright, lively with killer vocals that keep this tune bustling along. Some may be quick to say this is a Amy Winehouse retread. Just point out to those people Back to Black was Dusty Springfield with 50 percent more cocaine.

3. Is this a total shameless rip-off of Girls Aloud's brill Can't Speak French? Yes. Does that somehow make it more awesome since the lyrics now seem like they were written by somebody who has a grasp of coherence? Most definitely. Welcome to the amazingness of Le Kid's Mercy Mercy.

4. Blackout may have been her trash masterpiece and Circus a few rings short of fully awesome, Britney still, in between concert gaffes, can make a good dance tune. It's criminal that this song was a bonus tune, but Phonography is this something you can put on to help summer loving.

5. On her way to busting the windows of your car, Jazmine Sullivan apparently stopped at the gay bar to pick up an awesome beat. Here is Dream Big, the Stonebridge Remix.

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