WTF: This in, in dear God why news, another Bridget Jones sequel?!

Proving you can't keep a crap movie series down, the people behind Bridget Jones are threatening the viewing public with a second sequel according to reports in various industry magazines.

Now I loved the first book and the subsequent movie. Hell, I even bought the "You Go Girl" filled soundtrack.

Then the second film happened and that was a failure in epic ways since they decide to make Bridget Jones more of a creature of ridicule than somebody to root for.

Now with a third movie, about her trying to have a baby in her 40s, looming, I have to ask why on Earth would somebody want to do that.

And then you have to sort of look at the failure that is Renee Zellweger's career at the moment. The last big hit movie she starred in, other than doing the voice in a couple animated films, was the Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason movie. She's has had around seven movies since then proving Renee picks scripts as well as she picks totally heterosexual country singers to be her husband.

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