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In screwy celebrity news, according to http://www.accesshollywood.com/source-mischa-barton-placed-under-involuntary-psychiatric-hold_article_20659, Mischa Barton has been put in involuntary psychiatric hold, which is just another rough bump on Mischa Barton's post-The O.C. career.

Mischa was never what anybody would consider a competent actress but she's pretty and on a teen soap that's what really matters. But, Mischa, clearly not learning from the ghost of teen star past Shannen Doherty, got herself fired from the show after the third season and her career has been in free fall ever since. There are a ton of her movies that have only made it to DVD, including a truly misguided film about the Russian girl-on-girl group t.a.t.u. There was also the very famous turning down of a guest stint on the little watched but much written about Gossip Girl.

Mischa Barton's finest acting moment on The OC:

Mischa's new show The Beautiful Life:

And the best modeling show ever:

Now Barton is set to relaunch her career, starring in a modeling soap opera produced Ashton Kutcher.

Hey, maybe this whole stint is just a giant version of Punk'd.

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