FTW: Great Moments in Whitney Houston-ry, Part 1

With Whitney Houston's return to the top of the charts with her latest album I Look To You and her upcoming, two-day appearance on Oprah Winfrey, I thought it'd be nice to take a stroll down memory lane. Shall we?

1. Whitney sings at an Arista showcase. Whitney, sporting a hairdon't later taken up by Bobby Brown circa "Every Little Step I Take," sings a nearly unrecognizable version of the ever popular "Tomorrow." Without a subtle note in her whole arsenal, Whitney glory notes her way through the piece, obliterating it into a million musical notes. But from here, you can see the seeds of what is to come in both in terms of serious talent and batshit crazy.

2. Whitney sings on Merv Griffin show. Whitney's first big television appearance, she sings the classic tune "Home" from the musical The Wiz. Her vocals are more restrained, the song builds and Whitney works it out while looking like she's just rolled in from a prom episode of The Facts of Life

3. Whitney, "You Give Good Love." It's as if all of the early to mid-80s were distilled into one music video. Ill-fitting wigs? Check. Someone believing that a hot pink jumpsuit would be an appropriate look? Check. Clearly homosexual male love interest? Check.

4. Whitney singing "The Greatest Love of All" at the Statue of the Liberty. Whitney proves that while her studio albums were on the side of bland, her live vocals always shone through the hermetically sealed productions. Allowed to breathe live, Whitney's vocals have life and spirit to them.

5. Whitney sings "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" for Nelson Mandela concert. A song that she absolutely didn't want to record and is blander than white toast, Whitney at this concert changes it up, adding an almost Smokey Robinson/Motown twist to the ending and glorynotes with the best of them.

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