The Majak Mixtape - New Music Tuesdays

Oh Tuesday, so we meet again. As has been noted, we love Tuesdays around here because it's the day that new albums are released to iTunes and such. We particularly love it because we quiantly pretend that people are actually purchasing albums instead of going through Mediafire or Sharebee. So here is a set of albums that we think you should actually fork over some money for to buy in our new music Tuesday mix.

First up is hipster producer du jour Mark Ronson and his new album titled Record Collection.

Dropping a lot of his horn section/1960s fetishes, Mark Ronson returns with a new band, a new album and a DEEPLY unfortunate new blond look that makes him look like Swedish pop singer Robyn. Though there isn't anything nearly immediate on this album like "Valerie" on his Versions album, there is nothing as embarrassing as his version of "Toxic" either.

Next up, Ben Folds and author Nick Hornby team up for an album Lonely Avenue

It's an odd pairing but as somebody who lived through Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson's album, I can say with certainty that are far worse ideas than to combine a musician and an author together for an album.

The last two bands are on this list simply because of nostalgia as both the Gin Blossoms and Jimmy Eat World have new albums coming out today. We are sure they are both going to land on the Billboard charts with a resounding thud because really, no1curr about either. But they both hold special places in our hearts for their past hits so we end with those.


And we can still smell cheap keg party beer and Axe Body Spray when we hear this tune

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