The Majak Mixtape - This Mixtape Is a YouTube Celeb, Run and Tell Dat

Oh Antoine Dodson, you're a bonafide cultural phenom at this point, proving that there is a bright silver lining to attempted sexual assault. Now that you've pretty much appeared everywhere, from CNN to recently the BET Hip Hop Awards, your fifteen minutes are probably going to start winding down after everybody and their Grandma attempts to go as you for Halloween. And we're sure you're probably fine with that. The money from Bedroom Intruder song helped get you and your family out of the ghetto, like a modern-day Good Times episode.

So in honor of your brush with YouTube celebrity, we here at the Majak Mixtape want to end our week with a tribute to some of our other favorite YouTube-famous folks.

First up, former American Idol contestant and flat iron expert Danny Noriega takes to YouTube in his music video "24/7"
Looking like it was filmed at one of those old school make-your-own-music-video booths that were ever the rage back at the malls in the 1980s (seriously, only Ciara probably gets lower budgets for her music videos), Danny prances about with some female rapper named Diamonique, a name that indicates that at some point her life she clearly worked a Scores stripper pole.

The song has all of the hallmarks of YouTube success: cheap production values, a blissfully deluded sense of self-importance, and a thumping club beat. Bonus points for Noriega for talking about how he likes the attention from the paparazzi. We're pretty sure he can't even get his portrait taken at Sears at this point, let alone having TMZ all up in his ~business~.

Next up, Leslie Hall teaches us how to party with her tune "How We Go Out"

There are a lot of reasons why we absolutely adore Leslie Hall. Her lyrics are ridiculous (You're getting me hotter than stick of hot glue/And I'm scrapbooking everything we do), her costumes are delightfully tacky, her music is catchy in that simplistic dance way. But the main reason is that Leslie Hall comes off like a lost character from The Adventures of Pete and Pete, like any second you expect Artie The World's Strongest Man to make an appearance in the video.

Bonus, Leslie Hall's ode to gem sweaters

Next up, drag queen superstar Britney Houston gets her Janet Jackson on in her remake of Miss Jackson's "Pleasure Principle" video.

Stunning, flawless, amazing, slaying your favorite while still staying tucked, etc.

Bonus, Britney Houston's parody of Janet's "Feedback:

Bonus to the bonus, best drag queen entrance ever:

Next up, a legend is own mind Qaadir and his song "Pay Me My (Collard Greens)"

That's right, he's stealing from Queen Lil Kim.

When reached for comment all Lil Kim could say was:

Bonus video, Qaadir takes on the Harajuku Barbie Nicki Minaj in this mash-up of her "Itty Bitty Piggy" and his "Annihilation (Dead in 2 Minutes)"

Have a good weekend y'all. We leave you with the current YouTube sensation of "Surprise Party"

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