The Majak Mixtape - Happy Blogsgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! We love this holiday that somehow balances the joys of being appreciative with one's life with the deadly sin of gluttony as people give thanks while shoveling ungodly amounts of turkey and green bean casserole into their gaping maws. Paints a beautiful, Norman Rockwell-esque picture doesn't it?
Anyway, we're keeping this Mixtape extra brief and to the point because we have parades to watch, food to cook and devour and a Black Friday sale to get power train for. In honor of this holiday, we've put together a little mixtape declaring what are the five pop cultural things that we are thankful for this year. In no particular order of importance, here we go:

First up, Wendy Williams. We've loved Wendy since her radio days because she has always been completely unafraid to call celebrities out on their shit. Our favorite interview of hers having to be the trainwreck that was Whitney Houston calling into her show, high as a kite. ALLEGEDLY.

If we didn't love Wendy for her bluntness, we love that she begat one of our favorite .gifs to use on this blog, the fabulous I CAN'T .gif.

But the main reason why we love the hot ass mess that is Wendy? Because she gave the fabulous phrase that is "How you doin'" People may quibble that Joey from Friends is the chief arbiter of How You Doin:

But we love Wendy's version of the phrase as it is a mix of spilling the tea, throwing shade, and stalling for time on her talk show.

And even Elmo has gotten into the How You Doin' game:

Next up is singer Janelle Monae:

Some of our favorite memories of 2010 are attached to the wonderful Ms. Monae and her stunning, fabulous, flawless, better than your favorite debut album The ArchAndroid. Whether it's dancing around to "Tightrope" with our friend Emily at her workplace early in the morning or listening to the whole album while sitting on the floor playing Sorry with our friend Steve, Janelle has worked her way into our activities this year. This all culminated in a trip to the Cities to see Ms. Monae in concert at First Avenue as documented in this Mixtape.

Next up, we salute the magical gossip LiveJournal community that is Oh No They Didn't

One of the greatest sites if you enjoy bitchy commentary AND WHY WOULDN'T YOU IF YOU COME HERE ON THE REGULAR. Filled with fan wars, insane avatars, and a new meme every other day to keep up with, we love the whole existence of Oh No They Didn't in our life because whenever we feel like we may have crossed a line or have been to politically incorrect, we can just go there and see somebody with an icon that flashes "FAKE BITCH, CAN'T PAINT" over a photo of Hitler. And then we realize how truly restrained are in comparison.

Up next, we salute resident Bravo himbo Andy Cohen
The senior vice president of programming of Bravo who has brought us the hot mess of the Real Housewives franchise as well as countless other addicting reality show programs as well as the host of the just-above-basic-cable-in-quality late night talk show Watch What Happens, Andy Cohen is truly an inspiration to us all as he continually proves that being drunk on-air on a weekly basis can sometimes be an asset instead of hindrance.

And without him, we wouldn't have had moments like this to look forward to on the Real Housewives like NeNe getting in touch with her inner Clair Huxtable.

Or the magic of table flipping:

And pretty much anything ever uttered by Kelly Bensimon from the Real Housewives of NYC

And lastly, we are thankful for the casting of Darren Criss on Glee so people will get to know about the awesomeness of Starkid's production A Very Potter Musical.

Where else can you have the magic of singing Voldemort but this musical

Or a twirling, mincing, Malfoy and a drunk Ron

And a grand ole musical finale:

And with that we'd like to extend the biggest thank-you to every single reader of the Majak Kingdom blog as you've helped make the blog a success as we crossed over a 1,000 views in a single month this week. Thank you so much for validating our delusion that we have something funny to say. Thanks for showing us so much digital love.

We hope you have a turkey eating, hair whippin', martinis spilling Thanksgiving!

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