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So there were midterm elections last night. Maybe? We didn't see any coverage of it on the major news networks, the blogosphere, Facebook statuses, Twitter, t-shirts and the odd cookie. At all. Not once. So we here suppose congratulations or condolences are in order depending where you fall on the politcal spectrum. We here at the Mixtape like to consider ourselves, for all intents and purposes, pretty apolitical. In the words of one Samantha Jones, "I don't believe in the Democratic or the Republican parties; I just believe in a party." But we did get our vote, mainly due to peer pressure that is the Facebook "I Voted" counter.

Dancing Jon Stewart beckons you to continue reading

First up on our elections-centric mixtape for today is N.E.R.D. and their completely Not Safe For Work video for their tune "Lapdance."

Nothing says "biting indictment of the political process" quite like video vixens in G-strings, writhing around on top of each other. The content of the song, contrary to the visuals of the video, is all about how politicians pretty much sound like strippers at this point, every one of them trying to get a dollar and a vote out of people. A good point completely obscured by the low-rent, basic rap video look of the proceedings, which I suppose could be argued is exactly the point. Politics plus pasties=a match made in heaven?

The anthem for voter apathy, John Mayer's "Waiting For the World to Change"

There are countless reasons to dislike John Mayer: his former Twitter account ramblings, his general faux-sensitive "bro" quality, the indiscriminate way his penis prods every female in Hollywood within a five mile radius, everything that had to do with the song "Daughters," and this god-awful song. Admittedly, there are a couple tunes we like that involve Mayer, especially Bittersweet Poetry with Kanye West:

It's just that, ugh, we still rage whenever we hear Mayer and that damn "Waiting On The World to Change" since it's just so goddamn lazy. Spend less of your passion banging Kim Kardashian, which when did she even have non-athlete penis on her radar, and more making something resembling a statement Mayer.

We interrupt this post with a political commercial:

Back to the post, we have Public Enemy and their song "Fight the Power"

Before he was shucking and jiving his way across VH-1 and then into total irrelevancy, there was a time that Flavor Flav was a political force.

PSYCHE. Flavor Flav has always been comic relief but the rest of Public Enemy were bold innovators. While John Mayer is waiting on his butt, watching Chappelle Show reruns and waiting for the world to change, Public Enemy preached fighting the powers that be. And that's what the power of voting allegedly does.

And if you don't like the results, do more than vote. Get active outside of election days. That's when all the real work is done anyways.

And if you didn't even vote...

That's all.

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