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Happy Friday y'all. Welcome to yet another stunning, flawless, amazing, losing Best Album to Steely Dan better than your favorite edition of the Majak Mixtape, where pop culture waits before interrupting Bob Dylan with the words SOY BOMB across its chest.

Oh the Grammys. More prestigious than the American Music Awards, more watched than the Billboard Awards and more random in its winners than the VMAS, the Grammys is all the bigwigs of the music industry gather together to perform in a huge two to three hour concert masquerading as an awards show. Seriously, we're surprised they don't just announce ALL of the awards off air and call it a day. The Grammys is a place where winning Best New Artist often times dooms you to never be on the show, where Jethro Tull and their hardcore flute can be given Best Hard Rock over Metallica, and where the animated members of Gorillaz can perform with Madonna and look more lifelike than the Queen of Pop in the process. Tis magical, my lovelies.
But before we get to some of our favorite Grammy moments, let us thank God, our manager and most importantly the fans for helping us:

In our first bit of music-centric tea, Weezer has gone and recorded a new jingle for State Farm because why not. We sort of adore Rivers Cuomo for basically being the music world equivalent of James Franco. He just goes about, doing whatever he pleases, giving nary a fuck about how it is perceived. The song itself is pretty much one of the better Weezer songs of late which is either awesome if you like a return to form or tragic if you think that it took an insurance commercial for Weezer to sound like their old, superior selves especially when you consider the State Farm tune "Like a Good Neighbor" was penned by a pre-fame Barry Manilow. I think, worlds colliding, y'all. You can check out the tune over at the official State Farm YouTube Channel. (Yes, even State Farm has its own YouTube Channel.)

In news to break the hearts of a segment of gamers, the once super popular Guitar Hero is being discontinued according to reports. This is actually pretty surprising when you think about how popular Guitar Hero was just a few scant years ago. "South Park" and "Gossip Girl" were among many TV shows that made prominent use of the game. This seems to be a case of simply flooding the market with way too similar games and just the natural tendency of people to get their fill and move on from something, leaving it to be totally irrelevant.

Speaking of wholly irrelevant, Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are continuing to fuel the gossip mill with news of their impending divorce as sources from each camp do finger pointing at the other party. According to RadarOnline, Ashlee Simpson was annoyed with Pete touring all over the country with his newer, post-Fall Out Boy band and felt like she had put her own musical aspirations aside to be a mother. The world and her child are equally thankful about this. Meanwhile Pete Wentz people are saying that he tried to convince Ashlee not to file for divorce but those pleas fell on the deaf ears of a girl who thought releasing the hot mess of Outta My Head was a good idea.

And that's the tea, y'all! We know are turning our focus to the majesty that are our favorite Grammy performances.

First up, Aretha Franklin busts out some opera on the audience. This performance is a thing of legend as Aretha Franklin had to fill in for Pavarotti with only 30 minutes to prepare. Needless to say, Aretha brought down the house with her performance.

Next up, Lady GaGa and Elton John kicked off the Grammys in fine fashion last year as GaGa did "Pokerface" as well a flawless mash-up of her song "Speechless" and Elton John's "Your Song."

Sometimes we forget, okay a lot of the times, we forget that Lady GaGa actually has a fantastic singing voice since her theatrics often overshadow that little detail. We hope that Lady GaGa brings it hardcore this as she's debuting her brand new single "Born This Way."
We smell a lawsuit when Madonna sues for Lady GaGa for stealing "Express Yourself."
Elton John also gave a rousing performance with Eminem when they got together on the Grammys to do Eminem's song "Stan." Oh that Elton, is there a gay icon he WON'T team up with?

Next up, the stunning, flawless, legend that is Michael Jackson hit the stage in a ten-minute tour de force.

The man in the mirror was clearly a plastic surgeon. Love ya Michael!

Speaking of legends, Whitney Houston took to the stage at the 1994 Grammys and shut it down with just one opening folks. She may have spent a lot of the 1990s hitting the pipe than the notes, but you can't forget the quality of the performance she did on the regular.

Another performance we adored was Alanis Morrissette's stripped down performance of "You Oughta Know," surrounded by a warehouse of candles from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Next up, Christina Aguilera singing "Beautiful."

We may rag on her A LOT, but even we've grown tired of the "Star Spangled Banner" flap going on. When we actually heard people talking about whether or not her upcoming performance as part of the Grammys will "redeem" her, we couldn't stop SIDE EYEING at it all. You would've thought she beat up somebody in the limo on the way to the Grammys (LOOKING AT YOU CHRIS) instead of just flubbing a line. Girlfriend can sing, something she seemed to have forgot while doing the "Bionic" album but seemed to have reclaimed during the making of "Burlesque."

Bonus, Christina Aguilera's part in the James Brown tribute.

We interrupt this Mixtape for a famous commercial that aired during the Grammys many moons ago.

Next up, Luther Vandross shuts it down as only he can.

Lutha, we loved you. But your at times looked like you were desperately angling to become a spokesperson for Players.

Next up, Jamie Foxx and Alicia Keys team up to do "Georgia on my Mind."

Ugh. Jamie Foxx may be annoying and Alicia Keys has the ability to turn every acceptance speech into a disertation on the plight of the unwashed mashes, but we'll admit that them singing together this Ray Charles classic was pretty flawless.

We're throwing it back 1990s style with TLC doing "Waterfalls."

Let us keep the 1990s fest going with the ladies of En Vogue.


We end this Mixtape with the amazing The Clash tribute featuring Springsteen and Elvis Costello.

We're very excited for the Grammys. Who will win? Who will lose? What food group will Lady GaGa be sporting next? We'll find out this Sunday. Be sure to head on over to our stunning, flawless, amazing, giving you Tweeting realness better than your favorite Twitter with our Twitter account TheMajakMixtape.

As always, we wish you love, peace and downloads. NOW BRING ON THE DANCE MUSIC TO CHEER UP LOYAL READER GRANT.

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