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Happy Thursday Mixtapers! Welcome to another stunning, flawless, amazing, giving you standing in line realness better than your favorite edition of The Majak Mixtape, where pop culture goes to get a cocktail or twelve before the show starts. Today we're saluting one of our all-time favorite concert venues, First Avenue. The famous concert venue located on the corner of Hipster and Awesome in Minneapolis was made famous in Prince's film "Purple Rain" and thankfully had no appearances in "Under the Cherry Moon." We adore the place, from all the cool people we've met in line before the show has started to the cavernous inside to simply the musical acts they are able to pull into the place while having fairly reasonable ticket prices. So today, we're listing some of the acts that are coming to the place that we really want to see.

But before we get to that, let us join hands and do what we do best, okay?

Another day, another bit of Lindsay Lohan drama as she currently lives out the longest Lifetime TV mini-series we've ever gotten to witness. We mean seriously, it's Lohan thinks you can get an Emmy Award just for your living your life like it was a bad film. Anyway, Ms. Lohan went to court, looking a step or two above her usual mess, with her head and cheekbones held high and her lips unusually plump to hash out exactly what's going on with her theft case. As you well know, Lindsay is accused of a) having bad taste b) not having the sense God gave a goose and mainly c) violating her probation by purloining herself some overpriced, ridiculously chintzy necklace from some jewelry store. According to Popeater, Lindsay turned down a plea deal offer while the judge let her know that even with a plea deal, she'd have to serve some time because it would be an admittance of violating her probation. In other words:

In other hot mess news, Charlie Sheen has decided to, according to TMZ, take his current porn star girlfriend Bree Olson, model Natalie Kenley, AND ex-wife Brooke Mueller on a vacation to the Bahamas. We haven't seen such a classy trip since Flavor Flav was taking New York and Hoopz south of the border.

And finally, we're taking on the pop culture moment that had us saying

This past week so the debut of a new opera. What is it about? Is it about aristocrats emotionally falling in and out of love while fighting duels? Nope. Is it about the comedy of errors around a group of peasants? Not quite. Is it basically an US Magazine put to an operatic score in mind-blowingly awful ways not seen since "Springtime For Hitler" in "The Producers"? We have a winner! Recently making its debut on the London stage is the much talked about Anna Nicole Smith opera. And it is just as trainwrecky of a show as Anna Nicole Smith was as a person. Just look at some of the details about the show:

A typical sample is Anna's introductory line: "I want to blow you all — a kiss." (These are also her final words before being zipped into a body bag at the end.)
as well as

There's also a gorgeous, melancholy interlude midway through Act 2, marking the passage of 10 years as a curtain covered with double cheeseburgers shows Anna's figure giving way to the obesity of later years.
And let us not forget this little gem that had us shrieking out I CAN'T
Dominic Rowntree, as Anna's grown-up son, Daniel, doesn't get to sing until after he's dead. Then he has a brief aria, the words of which consist of a list of all the drugs found in his system — Valium, Prozac and about 20 others.
You know what's really sad? This is a tragically trashy, awful idea for a theatre piece that is STILL better than "Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark." For footage of the Anna Nicole Smith opera, just click on this link.

And finally, Beyonce is getting flack for a recent photospread that had her face makeup for a French magazine shoot with people decrying that it's racist. We're sort of enjoying how Beyonce's skin tone has basically become the real life equivalent of the porridge in Goldilocks. Now it's too dark with these photos, with her L'Oreal commercials people were complaining that it was too light after Photoshop got through with it. Maybe, just maybe, at some point it'll be just right.

And that's your Thursday cup of tea. Now jump into your skinny jeans, button up that cardigan and place that fedora on top of your bed head because we're about to take your emaciated frame to the magic of First Avenue.
Oh First Avenue, how we just simply adore you in non-hipster hyper ironic ways. It's fun just standing outside, looking at all the stars painted on the side of the building with the names of famous folks that have played the place in the center. We've detailed our First Avenue misadventures when yours truly and friend of the blog Steve went gallivanting last fall to go to see the stunning, flawless, amazingness of Janelle Monae.

So today, we're turning attention to a small grouping of acts coming through the Twin Cities who are going to be playing at First Avenue and who we think you need to see live. So tighten up that bowtie and get ready to elbow that kid in a V-neck to get out of your way so you can make it to the front because the show is about to start.

First up, coming March 2 to First Avenue along with Telekinesis is one of our favorite bands here at the Mixtape, The Love Language. They make an awesome brand of lo-fi pop that makes us dance around our house in our Converse. From their second album "Libraries," here is their awesome tune "Heart To Tell."

Another song we adore is from their self-titled debut album is the tune "Manteo"

Coming March 8 is the awesome mash-up DJ and artist Girl Talk. Girl Talk is amazing at his ability to overlay tons and tons of samples of different music to create a brand new sound experience.

And here's a track off his most recent album "All Day." On this track he's blending everybody from Outkast and Portishead to Radiohead and Skeelo.

On March 31, pop singer Ellie Goulding will be coming to the First Avenue. We simply adore her album "Lights," which is finally being released in the United States. Below, "Guns and Horses" from the album.

And a bonus track, the amazeballs mash-up of her simply splendid track "Starry Eyed" given a Motown groove with the Jackson Five's "I Want You Back."

Coming April 4 and 5 is Bright Eyes. We remember when it was cool to wildly uncool to somewhere in the middle to love Bright Eyes. We've always appreciated Conor and his Karen Carpenter ability to sound sad even when singing, like, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. Below, a track off the newest Bright Eyes album "The People's Keys."

And here is a bonus, their song "The Calendar Hung Itself" from the Bright Eyes album "Fevers and Mirrors."

Sidenote: We wish Conor would put out another Desaparecidos album.

Coming April 8 along with Cult and Superhumanoids is one of our favorite bands The Magic Kids. If you read this blog at all, you know how much we love to link to this group as we've been obsessed with their album "Memphis." So why not use their coming to First Avenue as yet another ploy to make you listen to them, fall in love and run out and buy their album off of iTunes. Below, "Cry With Me Baby."

And another track "Good to Be."

And on April 9, Cut Copy will be appearing at First Avenue. We first fell in love with Cut Copy when we heard their totes brills single "Hearts on Fire."

Below, a track for their latest album Zonoscope.

May 5, The Kills are going to kill your soul with awesomeness with material from their upcoming new album "Blood Pressures." Below, the song that made us fall in love with The Kills when we were in college, "Cat Claw" from their debut album "Keep On Your Mean Side."

And a track from their brilliant album "Midnight Boom." Here's "Last Day of Magic."

On May 19, CSS and Sleigh Bells will be taking the stage. You already know how much we adore Sleigh Bells and their fantastic debut album "Treats."

And CSS, short for Cansei der Ser Sexy, is a band we remember having dance parties to in our dorm.

And finally on June 9, one of our favorite bands Architecture in Helsinki is coming to First Avenue. Below, here is their brand new single, the Prince sounding "Contact High."

Whew. We're exhausted from all this stunning, flawless, amazingness. For more information about acts playing at First Avenue, please sashay over to the First Avenue website

As always, we wish you love, peace and downloads. NOW BRING ON THE DANCE MUSIC!

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