The Majak Mixtape - Drink Drank Drunk Mix

Happy Thirsty Thursday reader(s)! Here are some tunes to guide yourself into the weekend:

Kid Cudi, "50 Ways to Make a Record"--Kid Cudi, who is currently locked in a battle with rapper Drake to see who can be more over-hyped by bloggers with the edge easily going to Drake aka Wheelchair Jimmy of Degrassi fame, has an awesome mixtape out and an album coming out soon. While the more popular tunes are his Lady GaGa-sampling "Make Her Say" as well as "Day N Nite", the Paul Simon-sampling "50 Ways to make a Record" is a favorite of mine.

Letoya Luckett, "Regret"--Now summer is all about romance but sometimes summer loving goes wrong and Letoya Luckett, formerly of Destiny's Child, has the perfect tune about it in her rumored second single "Regret." A favorite line is: "You lost the thing you had chasing those scallywags." I mean really? How often do YOU get to work scallywag into your daily conversations, in rhyme form no less.

Shakira, "She-Wolf"--Shakira makes a disco-style comeback with her newest single, hoping to take a bite out of the Top 40.

Drake, "Ignant Shit"--Hey, just because he's over-hyped doesn't make him catchy.

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