WTF: This post swears it didn't call TR Knight a homophobic slur

Proving once again that the obligatory E! True Hollywood Story will be the most amazing one since Joyce DeWitt called out Suzanne Somers for being a pretty crap example of a human being, more drama swirls around Grey's Anatomy and the new season hasn't even started yet.

This time, TR Knight, who played George on Grey's Anatomy before literally being thrown under a bus in the season finale, is speaking to Entertainment Weekly about his reasons for his departure from the show.

Let's be honest, does anybody care why he left? Not particularly since it's sort of obvious from the beginning of the season that George was being shoved into the background. There have been charges that Knight was a diva but in comparison to inexplicably bankable Katherine Heigl, I'm sure it was pretty mild.

Though his own future may be bright on Broadway, starring in an upcoming revival of Lend Me a Tenor, Grey's Anatomy's own future is still a bit murky. Every season now there has been lots of backstage drama that is proving to be infinitely more interesting than that ghost sex that is appearing on television. With physical fights, diva demands, and people withdrawing their names from the Emmys because of unworthy material, Grey's Anatomy is in need of some immediate life support.

And to end this, remember when it was a huge scandal that the Desperate Housewives got into a tizzy over who wore what bathing suit for their Vanity Fair cover? Looks almost quaint in comparison doesn't it?

A first look at the TR Knight interview: http://ausiellofiles.ew.com/2009/07/greys-star-tr-knight-reveals-why-he-left.html

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