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There is nothing quite like when a celebrity launches a clothing line, perfume, dish soap line in order to bring some cash because these are usually followed by a commercial. These commercials always have the faint taint of desperation in them, which makes them things of beauty. Here are some of the best celebrity commercials for products and by best, of course, I mean wonderful little trainwrecks in bite-size forms:

Avril Lavigne, Black Star perfume. Apparently in a quest to prove that she could produce something more terrible than her The Best Damn Thing album with the mind-blowingly atrocious Girlfriend single, Avril launched her perfume Black Star and put out this commercial that is a like Hot Topic nightmare put to the worst vocals as Avril flounces around while caterwauling about you always being a black star. Whatever that means. Stick to singing about things being complicated and spelling skater boy like you're tweeting it to somebody.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Covet. Alleged style icon Sarah Jessica Parker who, along with costume designer Pat Field, spent years assaulting the public's eye with their creations for Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City. With her fashionista status all but written in blood, Sarah Jessica Parker launched a clothing line as well as some fragrances. This commercial below for Covet brings the unintentional hysterics as SJP steals her own perfume by using one of her hooves and kicking in a window. I mean, really SJP? What would Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha think of such behavior?

Lindsay Lohan, Fornarina commercial. Really, there is nothing I can say about this. Just watch and laugh.

And to cleanse yourself after that trainwreck, a pretty fantastic ad that Charlize Theron did for Dior.

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