WTF: This post is over Kathy Griffin. Allegedly.

Kathy Griffin's current season of her Emmy award winning "reality" show Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List can, in Kathy's own words, suck it.

To preface all of this, I have to say that I love Kathy Griffin to death. Hell, I gave a dvd of her Allegedly special as a graduation gift and routinely try to incorporate her story about Sharon Stone reading the lyrics to "Imagine" at an AIDS benefit into my icebreaker stories.

I also was a huge fan of the initial seasons of the show, but I have found my love for both Kathy's stand-up and her show to be on the wane for myriad reasons but all essentially stemming from the fact that Kathy Griffin is no longer on the D-list.

When Kathy really started using her D-list status as part of her shtick in her special The D-List, it was refreshing and hilarious how she was calling out Hollywood for all of its b.s. while simultaneously mocking her deep desire to be a part of it.

But Griffin placed herself in a weird situation that the more she talked about being a D-lister, the more famous she became therefore removing her from the d-list.

Probably the biggest shift for the show was when Kathy divorced her husband Matt. Matt brought out a softer, non-on persona side of Kathy in episodes during the beginning run of the show, something that is sorely missed at the moment.

The show has sort of now mutated into a shittier version of Curb Your Enthusiasm with Kathy as the Larry David figure and celebrities coming on and doing improv and nothing actually documenting Kathy's real life.

It's a shame really. If I wanted to watch a brash female comedian with a large gay following flounder in a heavily scripted "reality" show, I would've tuned into the beyond pitiful Margaret Cho VH-1 program, The Cho Show.

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