FTW: This post wants you to reprise the theme song and roll the credits

SNICK. For nearly twelve years, Saturday night Nickelodeon or SNICK was a long standing viewing tradition in mine and I'm sure countless others. The two hour block of programming included such classic 90s shows like Clarissa Explains It All, The Secret World of Alex Mack, All That, The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo, and Are You Afraid of the Dark. All of them were great programs in their own right and deserve their own blog posts but this blog post is dedicated to my personal favorite show that ran on SNICK 1992 to 1994:

That's right kiddies, Roundhouse. SNICK's answer to programming like In Living Color, the variety/sketch show was easily one of my favorite programs as a kid. Smarter and funnier than what's on currently on air, the show was basically a PSA every week but done with good music, usually sung by redheaded Crystal Lewis. Below, a clip from an episode "The First Date":

It's a shame that the program isn't on DVD but hopefully with a recent surge of 90s nostalgia will change that.

Now reprise the theme song and roll the credits.

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