Confessions from the Dancefloor: Quotes From the Halloween Weekend

"If Lady GaGa steps on my foot one more time, I'm punching her in her disco stick."

"You do realize dressing up as a whore is not a costume if you do that for the other 364 days of the year."

"What are you supposed to be?"
"A Clockwork Orange."
"Is that a cartoon?"

"You just scuffed my designer shoes."
"I'm sure the Payless Store you bought them from still has them in stock."

"Where are you at?"
"A bar?"
"There you go again, painting a vivid portrait with words."

"How can you not go on Halloween when it's on a Saturday? I mean, how many episodes of Reba can one person watch?"
"It's not all Reba. I'm watching some DVR-ed episodes of House Hunters."
"You're like one "Aack!" away from being a live action version of Cathy."

"Are you ever not a bitch?"
"You'd think you'd find some cold comfort in my consistency."

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