The Majak Mixtape: Songs for the New Year

Since we're officially into the new year, here are some tunes to get 2010 off on the right tracks.

Sia, "You've Changed"
Sia returns to her dancey roots with You've Changed with its disco inspired beats and rhythms. Hopefully the stuff she puts out for Christina Aguilera's ode-to-hipsterism album will be worth Christina's wholesale swagger jacking of Sia's Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird haircut.

Kid Sister, "Right Hand Hi"
The protege of rapper/egotist/country crooner interrupter du jour Kanye West, Kid Sister has been lingering around the scene for seemingly forever, dating back to her ridiculous song "Pro Nails." After a great cover of "I'll House You," Kid Sister has finally put out her debut album of party rap and "Right Hand Hi" is a highlight.

Alicia Keys, "Empire State of Mind, Part 2"
The original Empire State of Mind was good in spite of Jay-Z and his whack rap so Alicia thankfully put a non-Jay-Z version on her unthankfully blander than vanilla ice cream in a beige bowl album.

Mary J. Blige, "I Love You, (Yes I Do)"
Taken from Mary J. Blige's album Stronger With Each Tear, which should've either been titled "Slower with Each Midtempo Track" or "I Look to You, Part 2," "I Love You, (Yes I Do)" is some old school goodness that would make for a perfect single. Which means it won't. Naturally.

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