The Majak Mixtape - F-Bombs Over Baghdad

Oh, the f-bomb, how we love your existence here at the Majak Mixtape. It helps punctuate a multitude of conversations as it can be some many parts of speech. Sure, people sure use it so liberally now that it's lost a lot of it shock value in some ways but doesn't take the juvenile glee when we get to use you to express anger, sadness, joy, or drunken confusion (usually a combination of all the previous emotions we listed). Pop music is littered with tunes that make ample use of the tune. Hell most of Lil Wayne's live performances on TV sound like one gigantic bleep followed by some rhyming mumbling due to censorship. The MTV Movie Awards this summer raised eyebrows not only for awarding Twilight a ton of awards but letting a score of f-bombs make onto air. So here is a celebration of some of the best f-bomb-tastic tunes.

First up, Cee-Lo Green's new single simply dubbed "Fuck You."

Sounding the like the dirtiest Motown tune ever penned, Cee-Lo jubiliantly recounts the girl he loves leaving her for a guy with more money. You'd think he'd be angrier but with the bouncy music underneath, you'd be hard pressed NOT to sound like you're having a good time. Cee-Lo's ability to pen summer smash tunes is amazing, helping the Pussycat Dolls with Don't Cha, Gnarls Barkley with Crazy and now this f-bomb masterpiece of "Fuck You."

Bonus: 50 Cent trying to get some relevancy by doing a free style over it

Next up is Lily Allen's similarly title but differently theme tune "Fuck You"

If Cee-Lo's tune was the dirtiest Motown tune, Lily Allen's "Fuck You" sounds like a demented Sesame Street in the best way. Just imagine a chipper Elmo, Big Bird, and Oscar the Grouch singing this tune to all PBS viewers.

While Cee-Lo's tune is about a relationship, Lily Allen's tune is politically-centric. When the track off her It's Not Me, It's You album leaked, it was under the title of Guess Who Batman, the intials spelling G.W.B. standing for George W. Bush. The tune details Allen's various complaints about his presidency like the war in Iraq and stance on gays while cheerfully exhalting how she is very happy about leaving the Oval Office. Somewhere, we deeply believe that the Obamas have at least played this tune once since he arrived.

Lastly, we like to throw back this mix to when we were in college with Eamon's tune "Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back)"

Before the cast of Jersey Shore were polluting our airwaves with their grenades and Bump-Its, the guido du jour was Eamon and his f-bomb laced break-up tune "Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back)" that caused a sensation when it was put out in 2003. Singing what he described a style called "Ho-Wop" which meant ballad tunes with aggressive lyrics, Eamon details the various reasons why he's not getting back with yo ass.

Not unlike how the Jersey Shore has sparked a whole wave of imitators, Eamon found himself with a response tune being hurled at him

In the battle of guido vs. guidette, there are no winners and the biggest loser is music in general.

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