The Majak Mixtape - "A Mixtape is Not a Home"

Oh housing market, your financial fortunes are in the metaphorical basement right now aren’t they? According to newspaper reports, housing sales in July went sliding down to their lowest levels in a decade. A lot of the blame has focused around the fact that July was the first month that people buying houses would not get the tax credit of up to $8,000. We here at the Mixtape firmly believe this steep decline in the housing market happened we didn’t put together a mix to help stoke the fire of buyers so we’re here in a mixtape we’re calling, “A Mixtape is not a Home.”

Up first is the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young (for God’s sake, please let that be everybody) and their song “Our House.”

Not to be confused with the Madness tune of the same title, the jaunty “Our House” details the wanting for a nice white picket life that so many folks dream of, all put to an almost Beatles-esque medley with tight Beach Boys-like vocals. I initially fell in love with this song when Phantom Planet did a cover of it, and it was used in the trailers for Margot at the Wedding which helped give the false impression that that film was going to be interesting contrary to what the frozen mask that is Nicole Kidman’s face said in the trailer.

Bonus, The Phantom Planet cover:

When you can’t find “our house” within the confines of the city, maybe you might need to move out to the “Country House” like the boys of Blur did.

A sharp, pithy tune about a man who has moved to the country to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and goes to a place where he doesn’t “drink, smoke or laugh.” On second thought, if that’s what country house life is like, you might as well stay in the city and at least be able to have take-out on a regular basis.

And if country life and the big city life are both just too horrible, why don’t you move and join the quiet desperation provided by the suburbs and live in one of the “Little Boxes” as sung by Pete Seeger and popularly known for a time as the theme song of Weeds which seems appropriate since the stress of trying to buy or sell a house in this market might make a person smoke up a little bit.

Bonus track, Luther Vandross singing "A House is not a Home"

Lutha was shutting it down even while rocking a Classy Curl.

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