The Majak Mixtape --- Mad Mel Gibson Edition

Oh Mel Gibson, you know you're in a bad state when you get into a car accident and your fandom is simply relieved not that you didn't die but simply that you didn't refer to anybody as "sugar tits." You seem to have a lot of rage, as exhibited by that outburst as well the plethora of tapes being released on a seemingly hourly  like you're Tupac by your ex. And when you're not being totally mad and outraged in your personal life, your playing angry in the films. Here at the Mixtape, we want to help you Mel get to a more zen place in your life in a mixtape we're calling "What Women Really Want Is Not To Be Threaten By You, Mel Gibson" mix.

Up first, The New Seekers, "Free To Be You and Me"

Come on Mel, this is a basic lesson of humanity. Everybody is free to be you and me. Stop yelling angry slurs at people because despite what your pal Whoopi Goldberg, who will probably defend anybody at this point she's ever made friends with, saying that sort of stuff is:

Next up, Simon and Garfunkel's "Feeling Groovy"

Slow down Mel. You seem to be burning candles at both end. When people think Britney "I Shave My Head" Spears should reach out to help support you, you need to take a long vacation. Go away, take up painting fluffy clouds, write a sequel to Bird on a Wire. Whatever you do, don't drink. And if you do drink, don't drink and speak. And if you must drink and speak, make sure they aren't tape recording you.

Lastly, you probably won't take our advice which leads to this song choice:

You're a jerk, You're a jerk and you should:

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