The Majak Mixtape - Rated R Mix

Oh Fridays, how much do we love you here at the Mixtape? In honor of TGIF and all of the expected ~xtravaganza~ that comes along with it while bopping around from bar to bar, club to club, afterbar to afterbar, and occasionally bedroom to bedroom, we here would like to put together a mixtape today that will help you, our loyal reader(s?) get your groove on whether you're out downtown or stuck working this weekend. Either way, a good remix can help see you through in our "Rated R" mix, a mix with groovesfor your pleasure.

First up, DJ Marc Johnce's mash-up remix of Kesha vs. Robyn in "Dancing on my Own Love Drugs"

Marc Johnce - Dancing On Love Drugs from Marc Johnce on Vimeo.

Proving that Kesha, who just reeks of equal amounts of desperation and Patchouli, is not so obnoxious of a personality as long as you limit her appearance on her own songs to next to nothing. This, of course, makes Marc Johnce's mash-up brilliant because really, we're just here for the Robyn vocals of her song "Dancing On My Own" off of her Body Talk, Part One album. Robyn is able to make some of the depressing dance tunes none to man with her constant yearning and failed relationships. We'd slit our wrists, but it's tre difficult to do that while booty popping.

Up next, equally annoying, Ms. Katy "How was 'I Kissed a Girl' Just my First Hit and Not my Only One' Perry in a John Marr's remix of her ubiquitous "California Girls":

John Marr - California Gurls [Katy Perry ft Snoop Dogg vs Stonebridge] from John Marr on Vimeo.

I've given up the battle on hating Katy Perry's existence. She's so aggressively tacky that I can't help but sort of her admire her commitment to being low-brow whether it's her new album where she "sings" about wanting to see somebody's pea-cock-cock-cock or her relationship with inexplicably popular Russell Brand. I mean, honestly, we should hate her for her back to back nonsense of "Ur So Gay" and "I Kissed a Girl" but anybody who has never met a makeup gun that didn't have it set to drag queen is sort of somebody we have to like.

Lastly is Jenny from the Block and a remix of her flop-tastic single "Louboutins," now made better while paired with the magic of Gagalupe's "Lovegame"

Oh J.Lo, it's been a rough decade. You started it culturally relevant and now you're not being asked to be on American Idol as a judge, a show that gleefully let Paula Abdul be on for years. And now you're trying to make the music career happen again with a serially-delayed album that keeps getting pushed back because none of your singles are taking off.

We like you J.Lo. We still listen to "If You Have My Love" on the odd occasion. But girl, the original "Louboutins" song, a song so bland that even Brandy "My last hit was the car accident that killed somebody" passed on it, is filled with minimalist production. Your anorexic vocals need as much production value to distract from them as possible. Enter, "LoveGame" music that sufficiently drowns you out to a wonderful beat and sort of distracts from the fact you're singing a song about your Benz and your expensive ass shoes during a grippling economic recession. But that's what we like about you J.Lo, your complete and utter indifference to the larger world and your materialism within your tunes that makes you the Latina Marie Antoinette. Let them eat pasteles!

Bonus remix:

DMF - Smooth Romance from Marc Johnce on Vimeo.

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