The Majak Mixtape - Tell Me A Story Mix

Here at the Majak Mixtape, we love a good story, especially if it's extra juicy. That's probably why we love the "story song." They are always cheesy, usually melodramatic in nature, but we love every note of them because it's like a musical boiled down to the three to five minutes of goodness. In a way, the story songs harken back to the era of radio plays and such, a lost art of storytelling. Below are a few good story songs to make up an audio anthology in a mix we're calling "Tell Me a Story."

First up is Barbara Mason, Another Man.

So early 1980s dance music you can practically see Madonna dancing to this at Danceteria as soon as the electro strains start, Barbara Mason's Another Man is a hilarious tale of a hooch getting her just desserts.

A sequel of sorts ot Mason's hit, "She's Got the Papers, I Got the Man," which was all about Mason stealing a man from her another woman, "Another Man" picks up where the other song left off. Unusually frank in subject matter, Mason details how her man is having an affair on her with another man. What's good for the goose is good for the gay apparently.

Speaking of Barbara, Barbara gets named checked in Shirley Brown's classic tale of woman scorned tune "Woman to Woman"

Even in the 1970s, Shirley was a fucking doormat. She's paying for his car, his clothes and all of his stuff. She's got "plaintiff in Judge Judy case" written all over her sad tragic self. "It wasn't a gift, it was a loan," Shirley will most likely tell a disbelieving Judge Judy right before she kicks her out of court for wasting her time. Shirley should've taken a cue from our photo below and told her man:

Next Shirley Murdock and her masterful tune, "As We Lay"

Has infidelity sounded so classy? I think not.

Lastly, The Supremes' "I'm Living in Shame"

There are TV series that have less happen in a full season than all of the melodramatic histrionics in this Diana Ross classic, a sequel to their single "Love Child" and basically a pop version of Douglas Sirk's classic sudser Imitation of Life.

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