The Majak Mixtape - This Mixtape is One Hell of a Drug

Oh Bruno Mars, with your recent arrest for cocaine possession, we now understand why you want to be a billionaire so freakin' bad. With you arrested for that, Paris Hilton making a fleeting return to relevancy by way of her plea deal for having coke in her purse and Lindsay Lohan currently splitting her time "designing" leggings and violating probation, we're pretty sure we could just get a contact high from reading TMZ nowadays. So in honor of this recent spurt of bad behavior, we here at the Mixtape are doing our own musical version of an intervention in our "This Mixtape is One Hell of a Drug" mix.

Up first, Amy Winehouse, because why wouldn't she be on a mixtape about drug use? Let's be honest. We've chosen her tune "Addicted" from her album Back to Black.
We love Amy, only this trifling beehived singer would really dare to lead off a concert with a song about her love of weed, the opening lines being, "Tell your boyfriend, next time he's around, to buy his own weed and don't wear my shit down." And only Amy Winehouse could make us think that her love of weed is damn near quaint and genteel compared to some of the other stuff she's allegedly gotten herself into. Winehouse is supposely working on another album, which will see the light sometime between now and the CW TV network gets out of last place.
Next up, Kanye West and his tune "Addiction" from his Late Registration album

We're pretty sure the only thing Kanye West is addicted to his attention, which is somehow less endearing than if he was busily crawling through a tunnel to smoke crack. So kudos.

Lastly, we have Judy Garland singing "Swanee."

Higher than a fucking kite, Judy Garland flies through "Swanee" like they are dangling her happy pills just out of camera view. Which they probably were.

Bonus, daughter and former addict Liza

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