Gleecap: These Are a Few of Our Favorite Glees

Just because Glee had a rerun this week doesn't mean we're going to skip out on a Gleecap. This week we're going to recap some of our favorite performances that have happened on the show as well as the one performance we wish they had never done. Also, we talk on Glee in GQ magazine as well as preview next week's Rocky Horror Picture Show episode.

Here are our top five favorite Glee performances from the past two seasons:
Up first, Glee gets an Empire State of Mind as they tackle Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' megahit in the season 2 premiere.

Technically we should actually loathe this song with a passion. "Empire State of Mind" was one of the most overplayed songs of the last couple years, both the original and Alicia's slowed down version and Glee's Kidz Bop version of it should really get on our nerves.

But it doesn't, chiefly because the girls' vocals>>>Alicia Keys straining for her notes on the original. Plus, Finn, Artie and Puck getting their rapper on is cute and endearing as opposed to Mr. Shuster rapping which is just cringe-inducing (more on that later, TRUST)

Next up, Glee gets in touch with its inner Le Miz/Susan Boyle when Lea Michele and guest star Idina Menzel get their "I Dreamed a Dream" on

We enjoyed Idina's stretch on Glee since the music producers briefly took their fingers off the Autotune and had faith in Idina and Lea's abilities to deliver a showstopper without scrubbing their voices to robotic perfection. Also, this song infinitely more appropriate for a mother/daughter to bond to than "Pokerface"

You know who would bond with their daughter to "Pokerface"? Dina Lohan.

Next up, the Glee kids show their appreciation with a little "To Sir, With Love"

Is it cheesy? Yes. Is it corny? Absolutely. Does it work brilliantly chiefly because of those reasons? Hells yes. Though we're still sad that Glee abandoned its earlier, darker tone of its initial episodes for more of After School Special vibe, we can always get behind this kind of cheese-tastic musical moment.

Next up, Vocal Adrenaline's take on Amy Winehouse's "Rehab"

This was what sold us on Glee when it was first premiered after the American Idol season finale. Any show that had the audacity of having a teenage glee club belting out to Winehouse's ode to booze was at least going to be at worse any interesting failure and at best a stunning success. Creatively, Glee has ended up somewhere in the middle we have to admit, especially after it came back from its initial 13 episodes of season one. But moments like "Rehab" made us eager for the return for Glee's return that fall.

Okay, so I'm sure people are expecting that the number one song is going to be "Don't Stop Believin." Nope. We enjoy the song alright, and it did help the show launch itself into the public consciousness. But our personal favorite musical moment from Glee has to be Kurt and Rachel singing "Get Happy/Happy Days Are Again"

So often songs seem sort of plunked into episodes in order to fill soundtracks to sell iTunes. But every once in awhile, the song, the plotlines and whatnot all converge together to make a great moment. And we pretty much really need to have Kurt's silver bowtie in our life. Let's be honest.

Tied with this, "Somebody to Love" since amazing song is amazing. Plus, the power of Oprah compels us to. And let us remember that fleeting time when Lea Michele didn't look emaciated. *Le sigh*

The Glee moments we wished never happened:
Will Shuster rapping "Gold Digger"

The Glee kids interrupting the deaf kids to join in on "Imagine." SIT DOWN GLEEKS. Can't wait for a special moment, can you? COURSE NOT.

Up next, Lea Michele, Diane Agron and Cory Monteith get photographed by notorious creeper photographer Terry Richardson for GQ. Cory sadly remains fully clothed, Diane looks wildly uncomfortable and Lea Michele looks like this:

It's like the Britney episode where Rachel dresses like a skank to get Finn's attention. Except this isn't a TV show. And Finn=the whole wide world. Congrats to GQ for photoshopping out any flaws. Or self-respect that may have been lingering around the set.

Lastly, we have a sneak peek of next week's Rocky Horror Picture Show episode of Glee.

And we know a little something about Rocky Horror. Below, a photo from the Muse Theatre's 2009 production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Colin Thelen as Frank-n-Furter and Mary Leigh Snider as Columbia), also known as our first theatre reporting gig.
The cast including Ryan Soberg, Emily Bourland, Brandon Harris and Katie Bakalars get their "Time Warp" on.

One more sneak listen, Glee's version of "There's A Light Over at the Frankenstein Place"

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