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Last week on Glee: Brittany got to show of her dance moves, Britney Spears got to show off her assortment of weaves bought under conservatorship and John Stamos shows off that guys from Full House can get television jobs that don't involve Funniest Videos and/or narrating the romantic misadventures of thirtysomething New Yorkers.

Onto this week, Glee get in touch with their spiritual side this week when Kurt's dad ends up in the hospital after having a heart attack. As per usual, the show mixed actual human emotions, Autotune, and hokey After School Special sentiments into an interesting primetime slushie thrown into the faces of TV viewers.

In church they often refer to the Holy Trinity: The Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost. For Glee, it's more like the Good, The Meh and the Deeply Unfortunate.

The Good: Mercedes singing "Bridge Over Troubled Water." Also, the whole entirity of Kurt's storyline was oddly emotionally resonating in spite of its obvious manipulations. Kudos to the casting department for, instead of looking for a younger version of Kurt for the flashbacks, instead used Chris Colfer's DNA and merely cloned a duplicate.

Mike O'Malley as Kurt's Dad remains awesome. His coming back to life is to be expected. The man has guts

The Meh: Finn's plotline focused around seeing Jesus on a sandwich. As per usual, the show took an emotionally complex issue (Finn and Kurt's slightly strained relationship within the construct of a burgeoning new family) and instead decided to have Finn pray to God to get to second base with Rachel.

Also meh, Finn singing "Losing My Religion" since it's not actually about losing one's religion.

The Deeply Unfortunate: Rachel's continuing march toward being a total sociopath. When confronted with her boyfriend's pseudo father's potential death and her boyfriend's new spiritual feelings, Rachel, as seems to be per usual this season, finds a way to make it all about herself. At least out of deep well of narcissism springs a very good singing voice.
Too bad good singing doesn't make up for character assassination.

Unsurprisingly our favorite moment was centered around Sue but surprisingly it didn't involve her being an a-hole. Her Emmy bait scene with her sister at the end of the episode proved that Glee, when it wants to, can exist in the realm of real human emotions.

In an episode packed with spiritual/religious tunes, we felt we had to contribute some of our absolute faves:
From a Fox hit of yore, Tichina Arnold on Martin singing "I Know Who Holds Tomorrow."

Patti Labelle singing and acting a fool with "My Soul Needs To Pray"

And you don't think we'd have this list and NOT have this moment? REALLY?

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