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Oh the internet, how we love and not just because of the oddly specific niches of porn that populates you. We also love you because every day you are constantly updating our lexicon with new and creative ways to insult people. And really? Our livelihood sort of depends on that. Our favorite term du jour has to be the term "basic."

From the great intellectual source Urban Dictionary, the word basic is defined as: "An adjective used to describe any person, place, activity involving obscenely obvious behavior, dress, action. Unsophisticated. Transparent motives."

We first heard of the use in conjunction with the word bitch to make the thrilling term "basic bitch" in this YouTube rant which is not even faintly work safe unless you're wearing headphones:

So in honor of this, we salute some of the most basic of bitches in pop music right now.

First up, Ciara and her new recession budget video for her tune "Speechless."

We liked Ciara when she came out, even if she was a poor man's Aaliyah. Goodies was the ringtone on the phones of several friends. And when she came out with "Promise" and "Like a Boy" things seemed to only be getting better.

And then the Fantasy Ride era came and singlehandedly screwed up her career, from the moment she put out "Go Girl"
Girl, this song was better when it was Chris Brown's "Kiss Kiss."

We have to say that we enjoy your latest single "Ride" but that fact that BET of all networks won't play because it's allegedly sexually provocative nature is just bad form. I mean, BET once played stuff like Nelly's  video Tip Drill with strippers p-poppin and him sliding a credit card down the crack of a stripper's ass. It's a video so rife with stank we aren't even going to link to it for fear of this blog catching an STD from it.

And what's even funnier about C-Error's (her common nickname on the R&B blogs) fall from the verge of superstardom to everybody believing the rumor her last album being given out at KFC with a free purchase...

Which that joke is

But anyway, it's hilarious you've found yourself locked in a feud with notoriously basic R&B singer Keri Hilson, Miss Keri Baby to her half dozen fans and Miscarried Baby to the scores of others who like to throw shade at the singer/songwriter.

Their feud began when Keri, after flopping with several pop radio centric singles, decided to remember her target audience and teamed up with Lil Wayne and T-pain, a basic staple apparently, for the remix of her song "Turnin' Me On."

Slinging shade at singer who can dance, who can sing, but, in Hilson's words, "needs to move it to the left" Hilson set the R&B blogs on fire and also caused this hilarious response from a Beyonce fan, making the term "stranger bitch" more famous than Ms. Hilson.

Keri Hilson's current single, "Breaking Point," which we actually enjoy for its retro production her chipmunk vocals being our main cause of concerns, is unsurprisingly flopping on the charts. We suggest she go run back to Lil Wayne or Kanye West to team up for another hit. Their star power will help dim her basic glow we think, if not totally eliminate it because they aren't miracle workers.

Bonus, Hilson tries to have another hit with another new single, "Pretty Girl Rock"

It sounds exactly like something Raven Symone would've put on an album. We hear she's on her way now to
confront Keri Hilson over the matter.

Lastly, the most disappointing entry on our list of basics, Christina Aguilera and the trailer for film Burlesque.

It pains us to put Aguilera on here because she's obviously supremely talented, but girlfriend has been making basic moves for the past year. Slinging mud at Lady GaGa, putting out that god awful Bionic album, and now starring in her own film that has the potential of being the new Glitter.

Girlfriend can obviously still sing, judging from this snippet of the film

But having Aguilera play an innocent small town girl is just hilarious bad judgment at this point. There is not enough vaseline on the lens to get rid of the stench of bitch attitude that just oozes from the pores not clogged with makeup.

Yet, who knows? Maybe the movie will do fine. And if it doesn't, it'll just set up Christina to have a Mariah Carey-esque comeback because we are all rooting for you.

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