The Majak Mixtape - This Post Will Break Your Heart (And Ruin Your Credit)

Oh bad boys, why are we so fascinated with you? Probably because we suffer from low self-esteem. Anyway, the bad boys hold their own weird appeal for a lot of folks, men wanting to be them, women wanting to be them (some men and women swapping those feelings too). Our culture respects a hero but we love the dastardly character more. Think about it, as much as Christian Bale was the protagonist in The Dark Knight, most people were there for Heath Ledger as the Joker because villains are just more interesting. Plus, Heath didn't speak in that annoying whisper talk that Bale likes to use as the Caped Crusader.

Anywho, the point we're trying to make is that guys of shady natures are bad for the soul but often times good for a few other things so that's why we're saluting them in this mix.

First up, Iggy Pop and the Stooges singing "I Wanna Be Your Dog"
We love Iggy Pop. His inability to this day to keep a shirt on is an inspiration. And being one of the godfathers of punk with the Stooges. I mean, the man routinely cut himself open during performances and spurted blood while climbing on tables. Like if that isn't part and parcel of being a bad boy, we don't know what is.
Next up George Michael circa Wham! singing "Bad Boys"
With music sounding exactly like the unholy child of an 80s game show meets Culture Club, George Michael exalts his bad boy tendencies. It's funny at the time how truly unbelievable the model-esque Michael talking about how bad he was. It's amazing what propositioning a police officer in the bathroom and several drug arrests later can retroactively give a person street cred, within reason. I mean, it's hard to be tough with your backup dancers looking like the Blond from Human League and Sade while you do choreography that makes the prancing thugs of West Side Story look butch in comparison.

In terms of pop music history, you don't get much more bad boy than Sid Vicious, below in his cover of "My Way"
A heroin attack, an accused murderer of his girlfriend Nancy and destroyer of melodies, Sid Vicious is has somehow been scrubbed to a safe bad boy sheen for the Hot Topic set who probably only know him as a guy with spikey hair on t-shirts.

Bonus, fellow bad boy/Sex Pistol member Johnny Rotten in his follow-up group Public Image LTD. singing a fave of ours, "Rise."

Next we have the bad boys of Brit-pop, the Gallagher brothers of Oasis

We don't know how they ever recorded anything, to be quite honest. Between their egos, feuding with Blur, the pints of beer and the hours of listening to Beatles, who has time to make flawless pop records. Right now, they are probably spitting on somebody in a pub.

Lastly, we have Girls and their tune "Big Bad Mean Motherfucker."

We love this song. It's like if the Beach Boys had filthy mouths. Just what the world has always needed but never knew it wanted.

But for the most part, we'll gladly like the big bad mean motherfuckers go. We like dorky guys. They tend to avoid things like this at clubs:

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