The Majak Mixtape - New Music Tuesday

What is the what what y'all! It's another stunning, amazing, flawless, better post than your favorite, etc., edition of the Majak Mixtape new music Tuesday and we're coming after that pop/country phenom that is known as Taylor Swift who seems to have eaten one of those Renee Zellweger Lemon head Candies.

We here at the Majak Mixtape have a love/hate relationship with Taylor Swift and with her album Speak Now dropping today, we decided it was no time in the present to examine Taylor Swift and her current pop cultural standing in our own New Music Tuesday Pro/Con list.

Pro: We Give Taylor Swift props for writing her own music.
We'll be honest, "Picture To Burn" was one of those songs that have gotten through scores of break-ups because deep down inside, we are a revengful teenage girl just looking for a sparkling microphone to sing into.

Con: Most of what she writes is some bullshit.
We're not even going to tackle all of her fairy tale stuff she's so immensely fond of because that's just too easy. What we sort of loathe is how ungodly condescending Ms. Swift can sound in her tunes, with this sort of faux world weary way of talking about when you're fifteen and somebody tells you they love you, you're gonna believe it.

If she was actually wise, you know that continues to happen to even when you're 75.

Also that bullshit song she wrote about the Kanye West situation.

"It's okay, life is a tough crowd

32, and still growin' up now

Who you are is not what you did

You're still an innocent"

Girl you can be condescending. Or you can be out of tune. But child, you cannot be both at the same time. That's just fucking greedy.

Bonus Con: Her whole performance with Stevie Nicks at the Grammys. Stevie clearly had used up all of her Fleetwood Mac money on scarves. That's the only way to explain why she'd be doing back-up vocals for T-Squint.

Pro and Con: Taylor doesn't know when to shut up about her personal life.

We'll own the fact that we completely and totally loved the entirity of the JoBros/T-Swift meltdown that happened when Joe Jonas allegedly dumped Taylor in a phone message. Especially since Taylor, at no point, thought of it as a private matter that she shouldn't exploit for sympathy, which we sort of admire her for.

That's some serious SINGLE WHITE FEMALE eyes that are being squinted. And we haven't loved a pop couple break-up this much since Justin Timberlake through Britney under the crazy bus with Cry Me a River.

At the same time, we loathe that Taylor's Speak Now album is essentially a Page Six Blind Item run through Autotune as Taylor details her relationship with Taylor Lautner and other famous people without actually explicitly naming them. Plus the idea of Taylor having gotten with John Mayer is just foul for all parties involved.

So in the end, our love/hate relationship will probably continue forever and ever with Ms. Swift. And we doubt she'd have it any other way.

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