So Gay Day - Our Fave Gays: Film Edition

Long before Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal were brokebacking mountains, Hollywood was tackling LGBT subject matter with varying degrees of success. For every Milk, there are half a dozen Boat Trips. We here at the Majak Kingdom have bought together a little of gay-tastic films that we love for a host of reasons ranging from it being good to being groundbreaking to the sheer amount of good eye candy. Hey, it's not always about being socially responsible, y'all.

First up is 1969's gloriously inappropriate/politically incorrect The Gay Deceivers.

A screwball comedy in the most absurd ways, the story plays like a really long episode of Three's Company as two heterosexual men try to avoid being drafted by pretending to be gay. Wacky hijinx naturally ensue as the two men meet their landlord, helpfully called the gay landlord in the trailer as played by Michael Greer.

Oh Michael Greer, existing solely to make Paul Lynde look butch in comparison I suppose.

Next up is 1970's The Boys in the Band

The worse party you'll ever attend this side of a nightcap with George and Martha of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, The Boys in the Band is a bitchy, self-loathing filled romp of a film that is important culturally though is sort of a relic of its time. We especially love how it is clarified in the trailer that The Boys in the Band is in fact not a musical, in spite of its glorious use of Cole Porter's "De-lovely."

Next up Gus Van Sant's 1991 classic film My Own Private Idaho

 River's declaration of love for Keanu's character is one of the most excruciatingly real moments we think has been captured on film as River expresses his love for Keanu's character in the most pure romantic way while Keanu's character is cold and methodical which we don't know if it's so much an acting choice or just an intrinsic way of being for Keanu in his post-Bill and Ted roles. Whichever, it totally works.

Some other notable gay flicks:
The Ritz (Rita Moreno + Wacky hijinx = this hot ass mess)

The Children's Hour (The best film Lifetime never made)

I Love You Philip Morris (Jim Carey proves that in films, just like in life, he always manages to make out with people way out of his league)

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