So Gay Day - Our Fave Gays: Television Edition

Will Truman: "Me? I'm not gay."
Jack McFarland: "This well-worn copy of the Dreamgirls soundtrack begs to differ."
Will and Grace, "Lows in the Mid-Eighties"
Though still wildly under-represented within the great television landscape known as Prime Time Network Television, LGBT characters have slowly but surely worked their way into the fabric of television shows over the years. From Billy Crystal's groundbreaking turn as Jodie Dallas on Soap to Kurt Hummel on Glee, the LGBT community has come a long way, baby.

In this section, we highlight some of our fave gay characters from dramas, sitcoms, and reality TV programs as well as give a resounding "Bitch, Please" to a few characters that we could never ever warm to in spite of them being "family" as they say.
First up, Kevin and Scotty from Brothers and Sisters.

Increasingly the only bright spot on a rapidly declining show, we have to admit we didn't always like the pair. Scotty was strident through the first half of season one of the show but as the writers slowly, sometimes painfully slow mind you, added layers of depth to him, we came to appreciate the tremendous twosome. It's sad they are stuck on such a blah show that has seen way better days better love children became sister-in-laws, Rachel Griffins' bangs came to the forefront, Rob Lowe's Senator character took over the show and then was promptly killed off so he could mug his way through the endlessly delayed third season of Parks and Recreation. FREE KEVIN AND SCOTTY!
Bonus: Kevin and Scotty's wedding ceremony

Next up, Callie from Grey's Anatomy

Free of having to pretend that TR Knight is remotely attractive in a sexual way (Sorry TR, you're cute and clearly get some hot female tail on TV and male tail in real life but we don't get it. At all) Callie embraced bisexual tendencies. First she dated Erica Hahn. And then Erica and Callie had a fight and Erica walked off into a parking lot, never to be seen again. We're not even joking. One fight and Erica is gone. I guess it's better than killing her off though. Then Callie would be forced to have sex with her ghost (WE'RE LOOKING AT YOU IZZIE/DENNY SEX OF CANCER HALLUCINATION).

Now Callie is with Arizona. They are sort of blah, but given the truly fucked-up relationships that come out of Grey's (OWEN AND CRISTINA), we'll take a little blah over the dramatics sometimes.

Next up we tackle our love/hate relationship with Kurt from Glee

Reasons why we love Kurt: he reminds us of ourselves.
Reasons why we hate Kurt: See above.
It's very rare we encounter a character that is so like ourself that we are, at equal turns, angered and fascinated by their decisions since they so often mirror some of the ones we have made. Except we've never made good or bad decisions while rocking a masterfully tied scarf. AT LEAST NOT YET.

Honorable mentions:
Joyce Ramsay, a lesbian photo editor at Time magazine on Mad Men
Sal Romano, closeted former art director at Sterling Cooper on Mad Men
Andrew Van De Kamp, Bree's gay son on Desperate Housewives

Mitchell and Cam, Modern Family's best couple

The guys on Logo's The A List: New York who make us feel better about ourselves one awful episode at a time. Thanks so much boys!

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