The Majak Mixtape - New Music Tuesday

Greetings readers, another week, another round of new music Tuesday where we take on new albums, videos and singles releases in our usual kind, gentle, completely politically correct manner that has helped us make friends and influence others.

And if you believe that bullshit all we can do is give you a Sophia Lauren style side eye:

First up, inexplicably popular band Kings of Leon and their new album Come Around Sundown. Below their single "Radioactive"
We have mixed feelings about Kings of Leon. We actually enjoyed this band for years, seemingly comfortable in the knowledge that they'd never be successful. And then "Use Somebody" became a monster hit that you couldn't escape as it was used in television shows, commercials, and covered pretty much by everyone. Now this band, initially known as the Southern fried version of The Strokes, has fully broken into the popular culture and promptly made an ass out of themselves in interviews saying that they wouldn't "sell out" by having their music on Glee, Ugly Betty or American Idol but apparently being the background music on the Upper East Side of Gossip Girl. Also, nothing quite says "artistic integrity" and thumbing nose at "the man" quite like having your own fashion line.

But whatever, we sort of love Kings of Leon doing what every slightly indie band does when they become successful: grasp at your dubious indie cred while making money over fist and record an album that aims for U2-like greatness.
Bonus, British singer Pixie Lott tackling "Use Somebody"
Elton John stops bitching about people and suddenly remembers that he's not just a cantankerous man and teams up with Leon Russell with a new album The Union. Here is a song from it, "If It Wasn't For Bad"
We love that Elton John is back at the piano. And we love Leon Russell who was the original artist who did the many times covered "A Song For You." We love the combo so much we'll completely overlook that Elton John spent so much time on the road with Billy Joel that Billy's music style seeped into his brain because "If It Wasn't For Bad" sounds like the musical cousin of Billy Joel's "Movin Out."
Next up, Ke$ha's new single "We R Who We R" from her upcoming EP Cannibal.
Sounding like a drunken one night orgy between all of Ke$ha's singles mixed with DJ David Guetta's sound. We still don't know what to make of Ke$ha, who has somehow made Katy Perry of all people seem grounded and less annoying in comparison which is no small feat. She's just, so, unclean. On first seeing her video for "Tik Tok," one of my friends declared that she looked like her underwear would reek. It's an opinion that we here at the Mixtape have never been able to shake.

Next up Willow Smith is whipping her new video out for her Internet sensation of a single "Whipping My Hair."

Stunning, flawless, amazing, haters are bald and in desperate need of Rogaine, etc.
Though we have to say, Raven-Symone did it better.
Though we're pretty sure Raven is rushing right now to itunes to purchase the mp3.

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