The Majak Mixtape - Mix, You Better Work: Part 2

Ugh, Monday. Is there anything more routinely disheartening than having to trudge off back to work after the weekend? Well maybe Kate Hudson's film career but that's more hugely disappointing than necessarily disheartening.

Anyway, as we get ready for the week, we here at the Mixtape decided that we needed to put together a mix of some uptempo, work-centric tunes in order to not fall asleep in the shower, behind the wheel of the car and in our cubicle. They seem to frown on that almost as much as bringing water bottles filled with Fresca and raspberry vodka.

But enough about all the grounds for us to be put into the Betty Ford Clinic, onto the le music.
First we have Ciara's appropriately named "Work" over her floptastic album Fantasy Ride.

Looking exactly like a high gloss America's Next Top Model photo challenge, we can't exactly hate this song. Yes it's more sound than melody and Ciara's vocals, as per usual, are almost incidental to the whole thing. If only she put as much effort into choosing songs as she has mastering her booty poppin' skills her career would most likely be in a far better state of affairs.

Bonus, Ciara's new single "Gimme Dat"

Next up, Vanessa Williams covers the Isley Brothers "Work to Do"

We love this song and video. The production, the video and her eyebrows all scream early 1990s. Williams is currently sashaying her way around Wisteria Lane on this season of Desperate Housewives, essentially playing the Black version of Edie meets her infinitely more fantastic character Wilhelmina Slater, one of the greatest bosses from Hell ever created.

We're pretty sure Vanessa spends most of her time on the Housewives set running lines, exchanging Botox tips with Bree and joining others in pretending that Teri Hatcher's skeletal frame that is always finding itself in a half-naked storyline is actually attractive and not in fact as slim as Dean Cain's chances of relaunching his own career.

Next up we have Zooey Deschanel's skanky doppleganger Katy Perry and her live performance of her single "Fireworks" on the X Factor.

We posted this simply because singing is, you know, YOUR JOB Ms. Perry. If we showed up to our job and were so gleefully incompetent, we'd be having a meeting with Human Resources right quick. But since you're a pop star, being awful live is something we all just sort of generally excuse for some reason.
But still . . .
Lastly we have The Saturdays and their song "Work"

We posted this song because . . . really? Let's be honest. We're tired, we need to go through the McDonald's drive-through to get our breakfast and the song has "Work" in the title. That's more than good enough reason in our sleepy eyes.

Have a great Monday y'all!
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