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What is the what what, y'all! Welcome to another edition of New Tunes Tuesday here at at the wondrous world known as the Majak Mixtape.

Before we get into the assortment of stunning, flawless, amazing, b-side tracks better than your fave's singles, etc., we want to reminisce for a split second. Does anybody remember the days of the CD stores? The other day my friend Emily and I were sitting around and talking about those now far gone days where malls across America were bursting at the seams with a whole host of stores like Sam Goody and Tower Records and when most of the floor of Best Buy was taken up with rows and rows of CDs. Oh pre-high speed internet days of our youth, how long ago do you seem.

JC Chasez circa NSYNC booty bumps us into our selection of new tunes and albums for the week!
Werq it!

First up, we select the artist that first went crazy and now is telling people "Fuck You" with his new album Lady Killer, Cee-Lo Green.

We admit that we are a total sucker for a retro-flavored album so we were already in Cee-Lo's corner before we heard a single note off of the album though we were a little a skittish about the whole lover man concept behind the album. For every sort of classy sort of Marvin Gaye type of lover man , you are always at risk at ending up with something like R.Kelly, who once thought it'd be endearing to compare his girlfriend to a Jeep:

The production on Cee-Lo's album is amazing, if not quite as spectacular as what Danger Mouse did with their work as Gnarls Barkley:

But still, Cee-Lo's album is probably our second favorite album of the year behind Janelle Monae's debut album The ArchAndroid.

And speaking of Ms. Monae/Cindy Mayweather, she has a new track off of the soundtrack of Tyler Perry's (BIG HUGE SIGH HERE) film adaptation of the play For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Wasn't Enuf.

Janelle Monae, like pretty much everybody else involved with soundtrack and the movie, is too good for Tyler Perry. THERE. We said it.

Also on the soundtrack, a reworked version of Nina Simone's classic character study song "Four Women," now with vocals from her daughter Simone (who I happened to see as Mimi in a touring production of Rent when I was in middle school), Laura Izibor and Ledisi. Fun fact: "Fuck the Pain Away" singer Peaches got her name from "Four Women."

More emotional depth in four minutes than all the Madea films combined, let us be honest.
Bonus: Boondocks take on Madea with "It's Alright to Crossdress For Christ"

Next, Nelly and Kelly Rowland pretend it's 2002 and act like people would care that they've teamed up for another song together.

Kelly and Nelly keep flopping like Rowland in a concert:

Next up, here is a preview of Kurt's potential new boyfriend on Glee singing Katy Perry's Teenage Dream:

Katy Perry couldn't sound this good with the help of Father, Son and the Holy Autotune and Sue Sylvester is totally jamming to it.

Plus can we talk about Ms. Katy Perry Brand's performance of "Fireworks" at the European Music Awards?

You'd think she'd hit the right notes occasionally just for, you know, a change of pace. I guess the time that would've been spent with a vocal coach was used more productively on putting together that ravishing ensemble.

Also sounding a hot mess was Rihanna:

Seriously. SERIOUSLY. They lower the song's key for you, and you still can't get with it?

We leave you with an album sampler of Glee's Christmas album

We'll reserve most of our opinions of the album until we hear all the tracks in full but "Deck the Halls" sounds like the most god awful Gap holiday ad. Not that we don't have a deep affection for those ads.

Well that's it for New Tunes Tuesday. Be sure to check back tomorrow for a Gleecap of the all new Glee.

Kurt is totally pumped for it!
See you tomorrow! Love, peace and downloads!

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