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Happy Tuesday everybody!
Welcome to another stunning, flawless, amazing, putting the bass in our walk better than your favorite edition of the Majak Mixtape, where pop culture comes to untuck itself. We took yesterday off, but we are back now, fully recharged to throw shade and snatch wigs! As always, today is our favorite day of the week because it's NEW TUNES TUESDAY, and there are a plethora of amazing albums, singles and videos that are hitting an Itunes store, Mediafire website and a YoutTube near you as an indie band reunites, a formerly one man band made famous by a Zac Braff film releases a new album and a porn star releases a hilariously awful cover of a Diana Ross tune. But before we get to the tunes, let us get to the tea!

First up, to the surprise of no one, former "Dancing With the Stars" contestant/"House of Carters" star/object of both Hilary and Lindsay's desires Aaron Carter has checked himself into a rehab facility to deal with "emotional and spiritual issues." Number one, who didn't see this one coming from a mile away?

And number two, congratulations to Hilary Duff for being the last remaining person of the Duff/Carter/Lohan triangle to not have to check herself into a treatment facility? KUDOS.

In other unshocking celebrity rehab news, golden-voiced YouTube star Ted Williams checked out of rehab after a scant two weeks of being in there according to TMZ. Not surprising, this was against medical advice but more importantly, WHO IS GOING TO BE AARON CARTER'S SOBER BUDDY NOW?! Enquiring minds want to know.

We might as well keep the rehab news rolling as Lindsay Lohan is striking out at reports that she and "Inception" star Tom Hardy are dating each other. Ms. Lohan took to her Twitter to state that the two of them are just friends, contrary to the rumors that, you know, we never even heard of until she came out and denied them? Maybe? We're pretty sure we had just heard that Lohan and Hardy (WHICH WOULD MAKE THE SECOND BEST COMEDY DUO NAME EVER) were being sober pals. But whatever, any excuse to post a Tom Hardy gif is a good day for us.

In other gossip-y items, sponsors are leaving left and right for MTV's version of the UK hit "Skins" as H&R Block, Subway, General Motors and Wrigley have all pulled their ads from the show according to Entertainment Weekly. H&R Block is saying its ad shouldn't have run in the first place because we're pretty sure nothing says TARGET AUDIENCE FOR INSURANCE like a show about hipster d-bag teens doing each other and drugs. The Parents Television Council have been campaigning against the show as they say it promotes teens making bad life decisions. After watching two episodes of the show, we're sure the thing it promotes the most is bad acting. And really, where's the protest for that?

Next up, we have some BLIND ITEMS.

From the demented mind of Michael Musto and the Village Voice:
"Which moderately plus-size movie star has led the straight family life for years, but I hear he's actually a big, raving homosexual?"

"Which major TV star used to be a really nice young man, but once he noticed that people regularly took advantage of him, he became the hardened, drug-addled psycho we know and love today?"

We love how this Blind Item was torn from every rag-to-riches movie/book/musical we've ever seen.

And lastly:
"Which white rapper takes scary control of photo shoots these days, because the poor thing is still burned by that ages-ago photo that made him look "too gay"?

Really Michael Musto? That item is near sighted at worse.

And that my friends was the TEA. Now onto the TUNES.
First up, rejoice to the heavens people! The Get Up Kids are releasing a brand new album "There Are Rules" today, their first new full album since 2004. Below, "Regent Court"

Emo before emo became a catch-all term for douchebags with asymmetrical bangs of earnestness, The Get Up Kids were always a great band that saw themselves sort of shoved out of the spotlight by acts like Dashboard Confessional. The group broke up in 2005 but now have gotten their shit together to get back together and put out an awesome album that manages to stay true to their roots while showing personal growth so they don't end up looking like a try-hard a-hole. LOOKING AT YOU AVRIL LAVIGNE.

Next up, Jennifer Hudson takes a break from screaming about how she's "Feelin' Good" in those omnipresent and releases a new single "Where You At."

We want to like Jennifer Hudson. We REALLY do. We liked her caterwauling in "Dreamgirls." The Moto Blanco remix of "Spotlight" was our jam. But we just can't get with her if she's going to put out something as blandtastic as "Where You At," where she spends a good half of the song asking "Where You At." Like you just want somebody to interrupt the track and go, "GURL, I'M HERE. STOP BOTHERING ME." "Where You At" is one of those songs that takes somebody with a quirky or more interesting singing voice like Jazmine Sullivan to pull it out of the beige and into something more colorful. We hope J-Hud comes better on her next CD, cause it will take a lot to top the hot mess that was Fantasia and her song "Cornbread and Collard Greens."

Iron and Wine has come down from "Such Great Heights" to put out a new album this week "Kiss Each Other Clean." Below, Iron and Wine's single "Walking From Home."

Your only dealing with Iron and Wine might be his/their version of doing-the-sound-better-first-and-better-than-Owl-City Postal Service and their tune "Such Great Heights."

The band, now an actual band and not just Sam Beam, has come along way and we're really digging the sort of 1970s-AM radio sound they are going for on the new album. And we're glad that while the music has been changed to add more sound and texture, the wonderfulness of Beam's beard has remained the same.

Next up, Deerhoof release their new album whose title sounds like an amazing horror film "Deerhoof vs. Evil." Below, one of our faves off the album, "Hey I Can"

You've got to give credit to Deerhoof for having the balls to leak their own album, one track at a time to the Internet.

Next up, Jack White teams up with 1950s singer Wanda Jackson to make an album for her titled "The Party Ain't Over," a reference to her popular song "Let's Have a Party." Below "Thunder on the Mountain."

At this point, we love how Jack White does whatever he feels. He's like the James Franco of the music world.

Proving that aging doesn't haven't to turn you boring, Gang of Four is out with a new album "Content."

We love this band. They will always be hip. Until they break one.

And we end this Mixtape on a hot mess of a note. Of late, YouTube has become the home of all sorts of people trying to become famous through their "musical talents" and one of the latest trends is gay porn stars putting out music. From Colton Ford's original music to the dudes from Randy Blue lipsyncing to Kylie Minogue songs, YouTube could be renamed YouLube at this point. And throwing his hat, pants, and underwear into the ring is mighty muscular, super awkward Zeb Atlas and some woman brilliantly named PEARLY GATES doing a cover of the Diana Ross tune "Love Hangover."

WHERE OH WHERE DO WE BEGIN? The hellaciously bad dancing, the dubious quality of Zeb's vocals, the fact that the commercial seems like you spliced together Zeb starring in one of his muscle worship videos with Pearly Gates audition reel for a Boniva commercial. We're somebody is jamming to this tune though.

And with that, we end today's Mixtape! Check back tomorrow when the Mixtape takes on the State of the Union as well the Oscar nominations. Until then, we wish you love, peace and downloads! BRING ON THE DANCING LIPSYNCING PORNSTARS.


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