The Majak Mixtape - For The Love of Mixtapers

What's this? Another Mixtape today? You didn't think we'd forget all about Valentine's Day did you? It's a day that celebrates champagne and chocolate as well as love. But mainly junk food and booze. In honor of the holiday, we're shouting some of our loyal readers in relationships in a special bonus mixtape.

For Brenda and James:
Robbie Williams and his take on the Cole Porter classic "It's De-lovely."

For Emily and Nate
Loleatta Holloway's "We're Getting Stronger."

Bonus, "Million Dollar Bill."

For Grant and Dooglas
Lily Allen and her song "Chinese"

For Tom and Tony
Janet Jackson and her tune "Because of Love."

For Shannon and JP
Janelle Monae, "Neon Valley Street."

And for all of our single friends

For all the sexy times that will be happening this evening:

And lastly, for you, our song choice:

Happy a wonderful Valentine's Day everybody! And god willing, in nine months, we won't be writing a Baby Shower Mixtape for any of you.


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