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Happy Tuesday! Welcome to another stunning, flawless, amazing, still trying to explain to people who Arcade Fire is better than your favorite edition of the Majak Mixtape, where pop culture goes when it is done loading up on all of that severely discounted Valentine's Day candy. After having survived Valentine's Day madness with our usual amount of pluck and determination as well as the required amount of booze to make all of Cupid's madness completely not work the cold dark void where our heart is supposed to be. And with Valentine's Day now out of the way, we can now turn our full attention to yet another stunning, flawless, amazing edition of New Tunes Tuesday. But before get to all of the tunes, albums and videos that are leaving us shaking, crying, twerking with excitement, it's time for us to do what we do best:

First up, Rihanna is getting sued for being a swagger-jacker. Or whatever the technical legal term for that is. Anyway, according to Entertainment Weekly, famed photographer David LaChappelle, not to be confused with similar sounding comedian Dave Chappelle, has filed a lawsuit against Rihanna for her new music video for her try-hard single "S&M." LaChappelle claims that Rihanna and her people pretty much directly ripped off photos of his in order to make their music video that hot mess over-edited clusterfuck that it is (the last part being our commentary on that video, natch). Below, here is a side by side comparison of what LaChappelle is talking about:
We're sort of surprised that it took so long for somebody to file a lawsuit against Rihanna. We mean, we love the girl and all, but for the past two or so albums Rihanna has gleefully stolen from scores of folks with the ease of Lindsay Lohan in a jewelry store. For most of the "Rated R" era, Rihanna was essentially channeling Grace Jones while desperately reworking "The Velvet Rope" era Janet in a lot of ways for the overall feel of the album. And speaking of Janet Jackson and "The Velvet Rope," Rihanna's current Ronald McDonald hair color has more than a passing resemblance to, you guessed it, Janet Jackson during "The Velvet Rope." But whatever, we'll support Rihanna as singing along with her in the car makes us feel better about our own vocal limitations.

Speaking of lawsuits, David Beckham has had his lawsuit against "In Touch Magazine" for publishing a story about the soccer star allegedly bend his Beckham with a hooker behind Posh Spice's back tossed out by the courts, which has left Beckham not terribly amused according to RadarOnline. A judge hilariously ruled that since Beckham is a public figure so therefore the details of his private life is of the public interest as well as saying that the hooker, Irma Nici, has a right to freedom of speech and that Beckham never demonstrated that "In Touch Magazine" showed any malice in publishing the story. Let us all SIDE EYE together.

Fans of friendships based solely on gaining more publicity rejoice! Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton have apparently buried the hatchet as the two reality stars, who used to be famous for going out clubbing together, were seen at Grammy post-parties actually being friendly. While Nicole Richie has been too busy being, you know, a responsible adult for the past few years, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton had a following out of sorts as apparently there is only room in Hollywood for one talentless socialite with a sex tape and a reality show. Anyway, Kim had recently talked about how her relationship with Paris became strained when her own started to rise while Paris Hilton's popularity became flatter than her real speaking voice.

And finally, our favorite flop-tastic artist Ciara aka C-Error has taken to her Facebook to let fans know that she has asked to be released from her contract with Jive records. We're sure that Jive isn't exactly crying tears, trying to stop Ciara from leaving. We mock Ciara A LOT, but we do feel bad for her given the fact that Jive didn't support her at all during "Basic Instinct" as the album was leaking all over the place. According to Ciara, she spent tens of thousands of her own nickels, dimes and quarters for the video for her single "Gimmie Dat" only to hear from radio stations that Jive didn't want them to play the track. And while Ciara's music of late is putting the Basic in the "Basic Instinct," and it must kill her that Keri Hilson is "Pretty Girl Rock"-ing all over the place. We hope that Ciara finds a decent label as well figures out that letting The-Dream produce your whole album is a truly terrible, like "Bionic"-sized terrible, idea.

And that's the tea, now we move onto the tunes.

Hey Mixtapers hey! Are we ready to get our New Tunes Tuesday? Of course you are because you're here and therefore fantastic. We kick off the Mixtape with the return of one of our favorite singers of all-times. Smart, talented, and quirky, she helped us get through our middle school years as she proved that being weird is awesome. We're talking about the one, the only, the PJ Harvey. She's out with a new album "Let England Shake." Below, the first single off the new album "The Words That Maketh Murder."

While fellow 1990s fixtures like Liz Phair courted the mainstream and failed in spectacular fashion before returning to her indie roots, we've always appreciated PJ Harvey for doing whatever she feels like and somehow always making it authentic. Do a big glossy rock album? Sure. Follow that up with a return to extreme indie roots? Why not. Do an album based around playing the piano that you're not terribly skilled at? Go the fuck on. Below, a flashback to one of our favorite PJ Harvey tunes:

Let us continue the 1990s nostalgia-fest with Sonic Youth putting out a brand new album for the French film "Simon Werner A Disparu." Taking a page out of the Karen O and Daft Punk playbook, Sonic Youth has decided to dive into the film business by making this soundtrack for the French thriller that goes by the English title "Lights Out." Here is a clip from the soundtrack:

Bonus, the Sonic Youth tune we used to play all the time as a kid and remember being featured on MTV's fashion show:

The 1990s full-steamed ahead with Ginuwine putting out a new album this week as well with the release of his album "Elgin." We adore Ginuwine if only because he hasn't abandoned his R&B roots to turn into a wheezing electro-pop artist (LOOKING AT YOU USHER).

Though "Pony" is probably Ginuwine's most well-known song, we will always adore his song "So Anxious."

We've got some new music videos as well. First up, Lenka has a new music for her single "My Heart Skips a Beat."
You may remember Lenka for that song "The Show," the cutesy tune that rivaled Sara Bareilles' "Love Song" on what was going to be more overplayed in commercials/trailers for films.

The Black Keys have put out a hilarious, fake movie trailer style music video for their latest single "Howlin' For You."

And also apparently there is a new Radiohead album coming out this Saturday? Maybe? According to a bunch of sources, Radiohead's putting a new album titled "The King of Limbs."  We love us some Radiohead, and that is why we are choosing to end this Mixtape with one of our favorite tunes from Radiohead. We'll always remember buying "OK Computer" while in England on a vacation with our dad and spending many a night, laying on the floor of our bedroom, writing in our composition notebook while listening to the whole thing. In fact, we might just have to go do it now.

Bonus, Regina Spektor's totes brills cover of "No Surprises."

As always, we wish you love, peace and downloads. BRING ON GLEE DOING RENT.

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