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Happy Tuesday Mixtapers! Welcome to another stunning, flawless, amazing, giving you new music realness better than your favorite edition of the Majak Mixtape, where pop culture goes to escape from all the links to all those dancing Thom Yorke YouTube videos that seem so popular lately. Today is what we traditionally have been calling New Tunes Tuesday for a few months here at the Majak Mixtape, an outpost of ye olde Majak Kingdom. But we decided that in a new year of the Mixtape, a new name might be in order so we present you the inaugural edition of TUNESDAY! because why should we let a perfectly good pun go to waste. So sit back and relax and enjoy because you'll always remember you first Tunesday. But before we get to the tunes, let us get to TEA, shall we?

You know how wealthy Charlie Sheen is? He's so wealthy that he can pay people enough money around him to agree that offering to buy mansions for his two ex-wives is a fantastic idea. According to a report on TMZ, Sheen has offered both his ex-wives Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards mansions in his neighborhood as a way to have all of his kids near both him and each other. And according to RadarOnline, at least one of the ladies is thinking about taking up Charlie Sheen on his offer. Brooke Mueller, according to RadarOnline, wants to move back into their Mullholland Drive neighborhood because of it being a gated community and the lack of paparazzi because nothing screams I WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE like signing onto a reality show with Paris Hilton. And really? You're going to move closer to the man who spent Christmas 2009 in jail because he allegedly choked you? That is ho-ho-horrible, Brooke. Denise Richards, for her part, has shown a rare and most likely fleeting bit of dignity during this situation and has yet to respond to Charlie's request. Maybe she's still getting royalty checks from "Wild Things"?

In other money news, if you've seen the new Brit-Brit music video you know it's basically a whirl of incredibly fast edits and product placements for things like Sony and the dating website Plenty Of Fish. Well, Britney got paid a pretty penny for all the product placements in "Hold It Against Me," raking in some half-a-million dollars according to sources. $500,000 and you still cannot locate yourself a proper weave, Britney? Really? There are girls on welfare with ten kids who can still put together a decent ponytail with material found at their local Conoco gas station so you really have no excuse not to be on-point.

In other men-who-like-pornstars-news sure to make scores of English majors slit their wrist upon reading this, Jesse James has inked a deal to write his memoir hilariously titled "American Outlaw." I CAN'T with this foolishness, from a publishing house thinking we needed a book about to find out the five or six details NOT published in every supermarket tabloids to the totally self-aggrandizing title to trade on A) the cowboy Jesse James lore and B) the current Jesse James' well-documented douchebaggery. We would rather sit through "Speed 2: Cruise Control" MULTIPLE TIMES IN A ROW than read even the dust jacket of Jesse's book.

And from the tea to the tunes.

First up, G.Love, sans his Special Sauce, has a brand new album out today with his new album, the perkily titled "Fixin to Die." We really don't know much about G. Love at all, aside from every fair trade shopping, organic food eating, hemp for life friends seem to adore G. Love with cult-like passion. But being the music lovers that we are, when we heard that G. Love was putting out a new album today, with some help from the wonderful Avett Brothers no less, we had to give it a try. And we were delightfully surprised by what we heard. We're not quite sure what we were expecting, especially going by the moniker of G.Love, but what we heard was a great blend of a folky pop done right. Below, G. Love performs "Milk and Sugar" off the album.

In other new music, spoken work dynamo Gil Scott-Heron and master remixer Jamie xx of the xx have gotten together to put out a new remix album of Gil Scott-Heron's album "I'm New Here" now titled "We're New Here." Below, here is "I'll Take Care of You" from the remix album.

And here is a bonus track, from Gil Scott-Heron's "I'm New Here" album.

Next up, the Foo Fighters return with a wonderfully kitschy, low-rent music video for their latest single "White Limo."

We will always love Foo Fighters for their sense of humor AND their beautiful songcraft like their tune "Everlong."

Also on the new single tip, The Strokes have returned, sounding better than ever with their tune "Under the Cover of Darkness" off their upcoming album "Angles."

Sounding like a lost track from their debut album "Is This It," the Strokes turn down the fuzzy distortion to Julian Casablancas' voice that came to dominate the band, especially on their sophomore album "Room on Fire," an album we still rock to this day along with their debut and even "First Impressions of Earth."

And in new music video news as well, Kanye West finally dropped the video for his song "All of the Lights," which features vocals from, ~takes deep breath~, Fergie, Charlie Wilson, John Legend, Tony Williams, Alicia Keys, La Roux, The Dream, Ryan Leslie, Alvin Fields, Ken Lewis, and Elton John along with Kid Cudi and Rihanna.

We're extremely sad that Kanye West seems so over the "My Dark Twisted Fantasy" era as it is easily his best album, but it's not selling nearly as well as previous outings. Maybe having a seizure-inducing video along with a barely clothed Rihanna in the video will hopefully pump up the sales of his album.

Bonus, "Monster" is one of the best songs on Kanye's album and Nicki Minaj slays Kanye, Rick Ross and Jay-Z easily with her verse. It's become so popular by itself that somebody went and tweaked the song so it would just be Nicki by herself with other parts looped to create a brand new tune.

Next up, former "Spring Awakening" star Lauren Pritchard will have the physical release of her album "Wasted in Jackson" today. Below, her fantastic slice of blue-eyed soul in her tune "Not the Drinking."

We sort adore her singing voice, clearly coming from the white girl soul school attended by Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Adele, and Joss Stone. We're still confused how she's NOT Thora Birch and/or that girl from "Six Feet Under."

Speaking of "Spring Awakening," Pritchard's co-star in that show Lea Michele and the rest of her Glee friends have a brand new booze-centric episode tonight. And with all the booze flowing, the music naturally had to pay homage to that. Below Brittany gets her Ke$ha on with her rendition of "Tik Tok."

We love Heather Morris. We love the character of Brittany. But GURL NO. When you come out sounding less vocally talented than Ke$ha, you don' goofed, son.

In comparatively less awful covers, "Glee" will also be tackling the Jamie Foxx ode to drunk sex "Blame It (On the Alcohol)."

We're pretty sure Mercedes and the backing trills of one Santana steals this song from right underneath Artie's wheelchair.

And those are just a few things coming out this week. As always we wish you love, peace and downloads! We end the Mixtape with a dance remix by Villa of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" in celebration of her album "21" finally coming out in the U.S. NOW DANCE!

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