The Majak Mixtape - This Mixtape Got Plowed

Happy Monday Mixtapers! Welcome to another stunning, flawless, amazing, shoveling snow better than your favorite edition of the Majak Mixtape, where pop culture knows neither snow nor rain nor even crippling hangover will keep us from mixing the tape and spilling the tea. Oh winter, we see you've decided to make a bigger comeback than Cher or Tina Turner or Jesus this past weekend as you dumped inches and inches of snow on the sidewalks and coated the streets in that sheen of freezing rain because that's just such a cute look. Mother Nature thought she was being slick, lulling us all into this false sense of spring-like comfort as the snow melted the past week, the coats could be left in the closet and some of the braver souls even decided to trot out shorts to enjoy the apparently brief bit of warmth that itself was a respite from the below freezing weather. Subzero weather one week, warm weather the next and now this, the weather is pinballing between so many things without the tiniest shred of rhyme or reason you'd think the writers of "Glee" had something to do with it. So in honor of the recent change of weather, we've put together a Mixtape to help get you through this snow day with tunes of both the hot and cool variety. But before you wrap yourself in that flannel blanket, eat that chicken noodle soup, we are going to warm your soul with some hot tea. So let us do what we do best:

We kick off the Mixtape with the always consistently crazy Lohans. Whether they are booking/not booking appearances on Letterman or watching Grey's Anatomy with lesbian DJs, they always find a way to brighten up our mornings with their nearly daily appearances on the main page of TMZ and this weekend was no different as Michael Lohan has had a criminal complaint filed against by his on-again/off-again/why-would-you-ever-date-him girlfriend Kate Major. Major has claimed that Michael won't stop harassing her while Lohan tells TMZ, because the concept of NO COMMENT has totally alluded him, that Major has filed stuff against him before and always been dismissed. WHICH WHY ARE YOU STILL TOGETHER IF THE SPARKS COME FROM LAWSUITS. You know what makes all of this better? Kate Major famously worked for Star Magazine until she QUIT HER JOB to be with JON GOSSELIN, who just happens to be friends with who? MICHAEL LOHAN. Kate Major: FUTURE DR. PHIL GUEST.

In No1Curr news, David Archuleta, the "American Idol" runner-up to David Cook, has been dropped by his record label.

In other No1Curr news, "Glee" starlet Dianna Argon and her boyfriend/"I Am Number Four" co-star Alex Pettyfer have split up. We're not going to say that the whole relationship was just one big public relations relationship to help promote the film. We're going to let this blind item imply it for us instead:
"This is one gorgeous young couple. She is the sweet, talented star of a popular television show. He is the petulant up-and-coming film lead. They are so close that rumor has it that they are beyond the dating stage and possibly engaged or even married. Um, no. Don’t believe a word of it. Their coupledom is a pure public relations fabrication. They will be together on the red carpet for his film openings, but she is scheduled to move on to the arm of a new male actor later this year."
You don't have to be Poirot, Sherlock Holmes or even one of Nancy Drew's slow sidekicks to figure this one out. Sweet star of popular television show=Dianna Argon. Up and coming film lead=Alex. There was a brief rumor just prior to the release of their movie that claimed that the two were engaged. And surprise, surprise, the day that "I Am Number Four" opens to less than stellar reviews, Dianna and Alex announce they are splitting up. Come on now. LOOK AT YOUR LIFE, LOOK AT YOUR PUBLICIST.

Next up, we get our tunes for snow day on.

Oh snow days, let us get away from you for a period time. We're going to forget about your snow, your freezing rain, your chilly conditions. Instead, we're going to think of summer days, spring nights, half-naked coeds, fruity drinks, beaches and a bevy of other wondrous things to occupy our time with. So in honor of this bit of imagination, we've put together a soundtrack to allow you to take a mental vacation from the cold. So go find a cocktail umbrella to stick in your bottle of water, turn your background on your work computer to a picture of the Caribbean and enjoy our Mixtape for the day.

First up, we offer a stunning, flawless, amazing, coming for her sister's lacefront remix with Solange and the Machinedrum remix of her tune "Sandcastle Disco."

Poor Solange, we absolutely loved her "Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dream" but unfortunately for her, her 1960s-tinged album came at the tail end of that fad as electropop was making its first rounds of explosion. It also didn't help that Solange has sort of a stank attitude, especially for somebody who wasn't even a glorified back-up singer for her sister Beyonce in Destiny's Child.

Anyway, next up, a combination of a song that once ruled our summer and a song that is currently ruling our life: Gnarls Barkley vs. Adele in "Crazy in the Deep"

We've got to give Adele credit for taking on the sophomore slump and whooping its ass. In England, Adele is the reigning queen of music as she has managed to score a number one album for "21" as well as having a number one single with "Someone Like You" plus her first single off the album "Rolling in the Deep" is at number four on the charts AND so her first album "19" is also number four on the British charts. YOUR FAVORITE COULD NEVER.

Next up, Best Coast and their song "Summer Mood."

We absolutely love Best Coast as we've posted a lot of their music. There is something about that Beach Boys-esque sound to their recordings as well as the lo-fi garage band aesthetic that we've come to love about a lot of bands. It just makes you want to put on some docksiders, some shorts, a fedora and go pile into a station wagon with a surfboard on top.

A band that we adored for having the same sort of Beach Boys sensibility was Rooney. You remember Rooney? They were popular for all of two seconds during the first season of "The O.C." when they somehow managed to get a whole episode devoted to characters attending their concert. Anyway, Rooney was sort of the poor man's Phantom Planet, a comparison helped along with Jason Schwartzman of Phantom Planet having his brother Robert in Rooney.

Oh the magical early 2000s, when everybody was trying to be The Strokes.

Next up, what better thing to say SUMMER/WARMTH/NO FROSTBITE HERE than a song that is called "Fourth of July"?

Poor, poor Kelis. Her amazing dance album "Flesh Tone" has struggled to even make it double plastic at this point.

Another flopping artist, Kelly Rowland, put out a song a year or two ago with a surprising popular artist now Travie-formerly Travis-McCoy of Gym Class Heroes fame. For some reason, this song makes us think of long nights in the summer, hanging out in front of Jeff and Jims, eating pizza and scoping for the next afterparty. Granted, we do that in the dead of winter too. Anyway, next up, "Daylight."

Next up, Le Kid and their song "Mercy Mercy." We love this song from the indie act, even if it shamelessly steals from Girls Aloud's equally awesome "Can't Speak French." But this is how you do song theft well, adding to the original enough that you're not too fussed on the creative thievery. LOOKING AT YOU LADY GAGA AND EXPRESS YOURSELF THIS WAY.

And next up Baby Spice gets her bossa nova on with her version of the classic tune "Crickets Sing for Anamaria."

There is something about bossa nova that is just beach perfect music. The sway of the music, the handsome Latin men that come along with, what is there not to like about it?

And from bossa nova to b-boys, we're ending this summertime mixtape with a few hip hop tunes that always make us think about grooving at backyard barbecues. First up, Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff and their tune "Summertime."

Next up, Naughty by Nature and their song "Jamboree"

And finally Mariah Carey and ODB get their "Fantasy" on.

And with that, we end today's Mixtape because we have to go try to shovel our way out of our driveway. As always we wish you love, peace and downloads. BRING ON ONE LAST SUMMERY TUNE.

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