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Happy Wednesday Mixtapers! Welcome to another stunning, flawless, amazing, giving you WHITE DIAMONDS REALNESS better than your favorite edition of the Majak Mixtape, where pop culture goes when it's scared of Virginia Woolf. It was announced this morning that Hollywood legend extraordinaire Elizabeth Taylor has died at the age of 79. The winner of two Academy Awards for Best Actress, Elizabeth Taylor transcended being merely a famous actress and truly became an icon of fashion, style, resiliency, and multiple divorces. From famously having an affair with Eddie Fisher to all her work to make AIDS an issue that wouldn't be forgotten, Elizabeth Taylor blazed her own trail across the pop cultural landscape. In honor of Ms. Taylor, we're dedicating today's mixtape to her life, her films, and her many famous misadventures. But before we start serving up some GLAMOUROUS REALNESS, we've got a hot kettle whistling right now. And you mixtapers know what that means:

In our first bit of tea, Chris Brown can now add "charges" to his ever-growing list of things that he has beaten as TMZ reports that the NYPD will not be charging him for anything stemming from his massive freakout at the ABC "Good Morning America" offices because ABC is not trying to pursue pressing charges. As we talked about yesterday, the newly blond Chris Brown got mad when Robin Roberts asked him about if he had seen Rihanna since the restraining order against had recently been dropped. Chris Brown, being the A-plus pupil in his anger management class that he is, decided to handle this situation with all the grace and dignity one can associate with him and promptly went to his dressing room and throw a chair at the window and allegedly broke it. And this wasn't some weak-ass window material either. This is the kind of stuff that's supposed to withstand somebody shooting at it. Anyway, Butthurt Brown will able to relax a little now with the news that ABC won't be pressing charges and other celebs now know they have free reign to tear some shit up if they don't like a question being asked.

According to RadarOnline, Robin Roberts was shocked at Chris Brown's reaction to her questions but also went on to say that he's welcomed back. We have a sneaking suspicion that ABC wants to remodel its studio and feels like Chris Brown flying into a rage is a lot easier than hiring a wrecking crew to knock down some walls.

In other legal news, Michael Lohan is speaking out to RadarOnline about his arrest for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. Speaking from a hospital room, Lohan told RadarOnline that his girlfriend Kate Major had initially been asked to go to rehab and she said yes yes yes and then backed out of the deal. When he got back home from one of his therapy appointments, Major told him, according to Lohan, that she wanted to go out, but he wanted to get some Blockbuster and stay in. The two allegedly got into some sort of scuffle when Kate Major started checking Michael Lohan's phone.

Lohan, ever the tactful person, dismisses Major's claims that he gave her a fat lip by saying, "She said I gave her a fat lip, she has Restylane in her lips.  I didn’t give her a fat lip." Whether or not he threw punches, Michael Lohan certainly knows how to throw some shade.

In happier but no less bizarre couples news, people are getting irrationally excited for the impending nuptials of Prince William to Kate Middleton. With this fever of anticipation being whipped out, merchandisers have found all sorts of ways to cash in on the wedding but nothing has quite come close in I CAN'T EVEN-ness like being able to buy a refrigerator with a photo of William and Kate on it. We don't mean some tiny photo kind of deal. We mean, a photo that has been airbrushed across both doors of the fridge. Nothing screams, "STIFF UPPER LIP" and "KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON" quite like William and Kate's faces on front of a fridge. We're 90 percent sure that the only people who will be ordering this are going to be horribly misguided Anglophiles in America. The idea of having this in our kitchen is just blech. Just think, every time you want to make a sandwich or get some orange juice, you could get to look at William's receding hairline. Mmmm, yummy.

And that's the tea. Continue to the rest of the post as we salute the stunning, flawless, amazing woman that was Elizabeth Taylor. We'll try to tidy it up for her.

We've always had a strong affinity to Elizabeth Taylor. While others have gravitated to Marilyn Monroe for her beauty as well as the tragic end of her life, we've always had a strong respect for Elizabeth Taylor. She survived the Hollywood studio system, Richard Burton, alcoholism, the prying eye of the viewing public, the critiques on her weight, the death of her husband in a plane accident, ten thousand Hollywood scandals, child stardom and a variety of other things to make it into old age. You have to hand it to her, the woman had nerves of steel and balls bigger than most of her Hollywood contemporaries, male or female. We've put this Mixtape together to chart a little bit of Elizabeth Taylor's life. Just think of it as an episode of "Biography" but without any of the annoying voiceover narrations.

Elizabeth Taylor started off incredibly young in the studio system, a child star along with the likes of Natalie Wood and Mickey Rooney and Roddy McDowell. She first dose of huge fame came when she starred in the film "National Velvet." Elizabeth Taylor's death make spark an attempt to remake the film. We're not quite sure what current Hollywood ingenue would take on Elizabeth's role, but we're sure that Hilary Swank would be a no-brainer for the horse.

In honor of Elizabeth Taylor's period of teen queen stardom, we give you the Jayhawks and their tune "Big Star."

Elizabeth Taylor made the transition from teen queen to adult star by starring in the film "A Place in the Sun" along with Montgomery Cliff. A classic tale of love, lust, and social climbing murder, Elizabeth Taylor was not only made an adult star by the film but also became a fashion icon in her famous white dress.

There aren't a lot of people who could say the line "Do I make nervous" and make it sound completely innocuous and totally flirtatious all at the same time.

Elizabeth Taylor cemented her status as one of the greatest sex symbol icons in her role as the sexually frustrated Maggie the Cat in the classic film "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." You take Elizabeth Taylor in a skin tight white dress and Paul Newman when he was at the height of his UNF-ness and celloid probably melted when the film was played in theaters.

In honor of all the sexual frustration permeating its way through "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," we offer up Madonna and Massive Attack's sensual take on Marvin Gaye's tune "I Want You."

As well as Portishead's classic tune "Glory Box."

And Labelle's "Going Down Makes Me Shiver."

After "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," Elizabeth Taylor went on to star in the blockbuster film "Cleopatra," a film where she notoriously started her affair with Richard Burton while still with Eddie Fisher. In honor of their trysts on the set, we've got some cheating songs.

Amy Winehouse and her song "I Heard Love Was Blind."

and Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend."

There are many classic Elizabeth Taylor films, but there isn't one that holds our attention quite like "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf." The tale of what happens when you make the mistake of an attending an afterbar at a dysfunctional couple's house, the Edward Albee play turned film still stings as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton snipe and fight and destroy a young couple with their party games. It's raw and emotionally exhausting film that makes you question the bonds that tie us together as couples. Elizabeth Taylor is nothing short of brilliant as the film, packing on the pounds and giving a performance that stops short of camp and instead is revelatory in its ability to be emotionally brutal to not just Burton's character but also to herself.

In honor of "Who's Afraid of Virgina Woolf?" we present some songs about dysfunctional relationships.
First up, Fiona Apple and her song "Get Gone."

Jazmine Sullivan and "Lion, Tigers and Bears"

Judy Garland singing "As Long as He Needs Me" from "Oliver."

Elizabeth Taylor didn't just do movies. She also did a ton of work in making sure that AIDS was an issue at the forefront in the 1980s, especially when her close personal friend and co-star Rock Hudson died from the disease. Elizabeth Taylor was one of the founders of American Foundation For Aids Research (amfAR).

And it doesn't feel like the holiday season for us until we see this commercial, either.


As of late, Elizabeth Taylor was more famous for her health problems and her sometimes loopy behavior on the red carpet. We hope, with her death, the focus will shift back to what an amazing actress and humanitarian she is and how she is the textbook definition of a true Hollywood legend. We here at the Mixtape will deeply miss you.

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