The Majak Mixtape - Scott Walker Vs. The Universe

Happy Wednesday Mixtapers! Welcome to another stunning, flawless, amazing, giving you budget slashing realness better than your favorite edition of the Majak Mixtape, where Democratic senators continue to hide out and enjoy the complimentary breakfast. We're not terribly political here at the Mixtape as we have always believed in a keg party over either the Democratic or Republican parties, but the Scott Walker vs. the Unions thing has pretty much come to be the most dominate thing on our Facebook outside of Charlie Sheen quotes and updates on our friends' abilities to play Farmville. But before we get to all the political cray cray happening here in Wisconsin, let us first deal with all of the celeb cray cray in pop culture land as we've got the pot a-brewing and ready to:

First up, Christina Aguilera continues her downward spiral as she and her houseboy/boyfriend find themselves in situation that were dubbing "Genie in a Cellblock." According to reports from TMZ, Aguilera and her current main squeeze Matt Rutler were arrested as Aguilera was arrested for public intoxication while Rutler was arrested for driving under the influence. Girl, we haven't trotted out this gif in a long time, and we're bringing it back especially for you:

Seriously Aguilera, we're BARELY in 2011 and let us run down all of the things that have happened so far. There were the rumors that you came to "The Hurt Locker" star Jeremy Renner's birthday party and promptly got drunk and fell asleep in his bed. Then there was the whole Super Bowl fiasco, where you messed up/forgot some of the lyrics. And then at the Grammys, which was supposed to be your big redemption for the Super Bowl cock-up, you end up tripping and falling at the end of the group tribute to Aretha Franklin. AND NOW YOU'RE GETTING ARRESTED FOR PUBLIC INTOXICATION while your boyfriend is getting handcuffed because of driving under the influence. This is also coming on top of "Burlesque" getting mediocre reviews, your cancellation of your tour, AND "Bionic flopping harder than Lauren from "Glee" jumping into a pool. This is one of the widest spectrum of failure we've seen in a long time. You need to get your life in order, WIPE OFF THAT RED LIPSTICK and start making better life decisions. We mean, as bad as Britney got, at least K-Fed somehow managed not to get arrested in the midst of it all.

In other hot mess news, Charlie Sheen's hotly anticipated interview on ABC was on last night. It was seriously the most glorious trainwreck this side of Whitney Houston asking Diane Sawyer to "show her the receipts." Though, with the recent onslaught of Sheen all of the news, some people have come and critiqued the media for essentially giving the village idiot a platform to spout all of his crazy. In an article from Yahoo! News, writer Joe Pompeo takes the media to task for milking Charlie Sheen like the ratings cow that he is while Sheen clearly battles some deep pyschological issues. We'll give credit to "Piers Morgan Tonight" producer Jonathan Wald for hilariously putting it all in context by saying, "If we ruled out people who are mentally unstable or somewhat psychologically challenged, there would be a lot fewer people on the air and in newspapers." But the thing is, this too shall pass, we believe. That's the glory of Hollywood. There will be a new person going crazy or doing something awful to snatch the spotlight away from Sheen.

Like designer John Galliano, who was fired from Dior after going on an anti-Semitic tirade, declaring how much he loved Hitler in a video after getting into an argument with a couple at a Parisian restaurant. For her part, Dior spokeswoman and recent Oscar winner Natalie Portman took some time out of plucking feathers out of her back to issue the statement that she was "shocked and disgusted" by Galliano's statements. Many believe this may be the reason why Portman showed up to the Oscars not dressed in Dior but instead in a beautiful Rodarte dress paired with an unfortunate stripper tassel earrings (trademark mixtape reader Tom).

And finally, James Franco's representatives are combating the rumor that the reason why he flopped more than a penis in running shorts as a Oscar host was not because of him being high all the way through the show. Well it's nice to know that he can be a vacuum of suck without the aid of drugs. LIVE ABOVE THE INFLUENCE. PERFORM BELOW EXPECTATIONS.

And that's the tea, y'all! Next, we take on the continuing drama at the Wisconsin State Capitol!

Oh Wisconsin, how you hanging in there? In one of the greatest bits of political drama to hit the Midwest in a long time, the standoff between Gov. Scott Walker and scores of protesters continues as he unveiled his budget plan to the Legislature yesterday. Gov. Walker let it be known that he was planning on cutting around some $1 billion from the state budget. This leads us to our first song of this playlist is Wavves and their song "Take on the World" from their album "King of the Beach."

According to an article published in the La Crosse Tribune, Gov. Walker plans on cutting some $834 million in aid for schools over the next two years. The UW System also getting cut $250 million to divvied up between UW-Madison and the rest of the schools. This leads us to our next song, Tilly and the Wall and their tune "Bad Education" from their album "Bottom of Barrels."

While Gov. Scott Walker was busily working on the budget, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald was apparently meeting with the missing Democratic senators according to reports. All we can say to him is: GOOD WORK GUMSHOE.

With the senators gone now for seemingly an eternity, the tension has only increased. And we know a little something about tension, thanks to Tyra Banks.

In honor of all of this tension, we serve up some of The Wombats and their tune "Here Comes the Anxiety."

This leads us to our next song from Beady Eye as the disappeared senators, off in Illinois, are just on the periphery of all the cray cray happening in Madison.

The whole situation is a hot mess.

The protesters at the state capitol have been there now for some two weeks and don't seem to have any plan for leaving anytime soon, which you have to admire the steadfast nature of both sides of the argument as neither side really wants to budge terribly. Gov. Scott Walker has pretty much put himself in the midst of a huge national discussion with just one bill that will most likely make or break his time as governor while the protesters believe if the bill makes it to law that this will break a lot of the good that the public services can do for folks.

The emotions are raw and heightened. Just the other weekend, we saw two people get into a screaming match at a bar about the bill. It was like a drunk, F-bomb laced version of MSNBC's "Hardball." We know for a fact that Chris Matthews doesn't play games with his guests, even when they are completely fictional.

So in the meantime, protesters have pretty much created their own little community at the capitol. The Second Supper last week did a story, detailing the lives and happenings of some of the protesters as the protest and the debate wears on. For the time being and foreseeable future as the matter continues to be debated, Madison has become to new home for scores of people which leads us to our next song, Phantom Planet's cover of Crosby Stills Nash and Young's of "Our House."

Gov. Walker, for his part, has gone on record by stating that he thinks that there is nothing to negotiate, which is sort of ballsy we have to say. It's either a great gesture of somebody completely confident in that they are making the correct decision OR it pretty much amounts to the verbal version of Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burned to the ground. Either way, BOLD CHOICE. To steal from the Dixie Chicks, Gov. Walker ain't ready to make nice.

And on the other side, protesters have pretty much said, "Is it any wonder" about all the protests when you have your governor saying he's not willing to budge on the terms. This is what brings us to the last tune of this mixtape, the fabulous Keane and their tune "Is It Any Wonder."

AS always, we wish you love, peace and downloads. NOW BRING ON THE GIRL TALK MUSIC.

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