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Oh Inez Sainz, people sort of suck don't they. If you haven't heard the story that has lit up the blogosphere, Ines is a sports reporter who was allegedly harrassed in the New York Jets locker room and has found herself at the end of lots of barbed attacks essentially saying she was asking for it by being attractive and that men can't help themselves and blah blah blah setting women back centuries logic-cakes. Pretty much one scandal turns the whole press corps into Don Draper.

Photos of Inez:

So yes, she's tacky and doesn't have the style sense God gave even Heidi Montag at one point in her life. We conceed that here at the Mixtape. But that doesn't negate that it's a free country and dressing like you stumbled from the Telemundo version of Real Housewives isn't grounds for the New York Jets to act a fool like they've never seen a woman before. And it is especially not okay for people to shift the blame to squarely be on her ugly-jacket-covered-shoulders.

And while we're not surprised at such great bastions of sensitivity like NY Post to be victim-blaming, we were sort of surprised to see people like Joy Behar and Entertainment Tonight pointedly asking questions about the woman's attire and how that pretty much brought this onto herself.

Well we're not so surprised about Joy Behar, she being a member of The View which is a show that exists just to make you feel smarter in comparison. And Entertainment Tonight needed to fill time between backstage segments of NCIS that their elderly core audience loses their ever loving Depends over.

But with Inez continuing to be picked apart and tempering some of her earlier remarks, we here at the Mixtape would like to give you a little bit of girl power perk today.

First up is Salt-n-Pepa and their tune "Ain't Nothing But a She Thing"
Ah, remember that time when female rappers did more than sing about what positions they like in bed? We only have the vaguest, most hazy recollection but god bless YouTube for reminding us about this period of time when porn star and female rap star weren't within a stone's throw of each other.

In this tune, Salt-N-Pepa are sprinkling the Billboard charts with their brand of female empowerment rap that managed to offset any preachiness with quick lyrical wordplay. And really, it's hard to be preachy when you're in daisy dukes the last time we checked.

Bonus, their tune "Independent"

You can't make a mixtape for somebody who has been catcalled by men and NOT include Queen Latifah's tune "U.N.I.T.Y"

Apparently, saving money, they must have shot UNITY the same time they filmed the opening sequence of Living Single.

We love UNITY simply because it's both a lesson in responsibilty AND spelling.

Lastly, "Free to Be You and Me"

Oh the 1970s, where you can't tell the difference between an opening sequence of a hyper-liberal piece of feel good and a McDonald's commercial:

Which we love this commercial because it's pretty much every Judy Bloom novel reduced into a one minute ad.

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J.F. Snapp said...

nice female empowerment mix. and i needed it today too. How did you know? :)